ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper April 4, 2016

Household IoT is still remained open to Threat

Bitdefender report is based on analysis of few consumer IoT devices, revealed that these devices are prone to privacy theft. The current authentication can be bypassed in many IoT devices. LIFX bulbs, MUZO Cobblestone audio receiver, LinkHub, and WeMo switch have analyzed by Bitdefender. It is anticipated that many similar IoT devices may have similar security issues. Even Garter predicts that there are 6.4 billion IoT devices will be used in household and require security attention.

Google also has to unlock Android phones, USA Government says

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) presented documents that revealed that the Government is after Google’s android smartphone and want also to unlock them. After Apple, Google is also facing issue regarding privacy and security. The government asked Google to unlock its total nine android phones under All Writs Act. It is believed that Google can also reset password of 74% of android devices running on older version than Android 5.0 lollipop. Such devices have no full disk encryption feature. Google was needed to reset the passwords of Samsung, HTC, Kyocera and Alcatel and other unidentified devices.

VBulletin suffered from Data Breach

VBulletin has suffered from data breach and both and went offline until Friday. All users were requested to reset passwords of their accounts. A lead developer had confirmed the data breach after an hour of incident. However, hackers had accessed vBulletin Germany servers. It is not identified that how hackers had gained access to the server. It is not certain whether hackers had accessed any user information.

94% of Tor traffic seems Malicious as per CloudFlare

CloudFlare revealed that around 94% of the Tor traffic seems malicious. Cyber criminals are using Tor network and many sites have blocked Tor users. Majority of Tor traffic is generated by cyber criminals and harming the internet users. The data provided in The Project Honey Pot stated that Tor network has produced around 6.5 trillion unwanted messages per year. Many websites use CAPTCHA restriction for Tor users. However, experts at Tor project argued that the malicious traffic counts a tiny part of the millions of Tor users.

Hungarian Government website witnessed a cyber attack

The Hungarian government website suffered from cyber-attack and hackers have blocked access to many websites. However, the attack was carried out side of the country. The government believes that around 62K cyber-attacks happen on the system in a single day. The government experts have already restored access to the affected websites.

NIST issued Secure Email Guideline

(National Institute of Standards and Technology) has updated its guideline regarding secure email. The new guideline is pack of 81 pages that focuses on increasing trust in email as well recommendations. It is useful for private organization and government IT environment. NIST includes security for mail server and mail clients, recommendation for email digital signatures, encryption, and protection against spam mails. The guideline also highlighted the use of DNS and S/MIME and alerted organizations who use third party cloud service for email.

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