ClickSSL Weekly Infosec Snipper December 7, 2015

Signal App has released its Desktop Version

A Signal app recommended app by Edward Snowden has now released its desktop version; the app is currently popular among political protesters, journalists, and paranoid people. Signal app is known for better privacy and simplicity, which is endorsed by EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) group. The app allows to secure end-to-end communication that sends text, video message, and images. A Signal app can synchronize all communications across devices like other platforms (WhatsApp, Yahoo!, Apple iMessage). The desktop version will be available in the form of Google Chrome extension.

Mobile Devices are risky to carry Financial Transactions

Kaspersky Lab revealed in its report that financial transactions over mobile devices could put users at risk. The survey was carried out on 5500 employees in around 26 countries. It also found that one out of three employees is being allowed to make financial transactions over the mobile. Out of 63% surveyed companies, there are only 8% employees use mobile device to carry financial transactions while 54% transactions were done by businesses, managers. By doing transactions, users are always prone to banking Trojans, phishing attempts, or unsafe public Wi-Fi connection.

Government and Education Networks seem more Vulnerable

According to Sentinel IPS survey, Government and Education networks come into a high-risk category compare to small and medium businesses. The company amassed the survey data from its security products and CINS (Collective Intelligence Network Security) database. Around 95% of these networks were compromised four times with CryptoWall ransomware. Besides, there are 77% networks were infected with Malware that was trying to contact command & control server to capture data. CryptoWall ransomware and the BrowseFox adware are two major infections.

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The Armada Collective hacker targeted Greek Banks

Armada Collective – a hacker group is targeting Greek banks using DDoS for Bitcoin extortion scheme. This scheme was also applied on ProtonMail earlier. The attack started on November 26 this year and lasted for the whole week. There were three unknown banks targeted and hackers asked for 20K Bitcoin from each bank. Greek authorities, including FBI have been investigating into this breach. This hacker group has also compromised Hushmail, Rubox and few Internet service providers in Switzerland but they refused to pay ransom.

Companies are concerned over Cloud Security

Netwrix Corporation has researched over companies concern over cloud security the research revealed that 65% companies have security fear while 40% were found worried about the loss of physical control of data. There were 69% companies believed that cloud migrating can welcome risk of unauthorized access and 33% companies had a fear of account hijacking. The reason behind cloud ignorance was security risk and the insufficient visibility in external sensitive data storage in cloud. Now, companies are focusing on strengthening internal security policy.


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