ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper February 15, 2016

Malvertising campaign targeted Skype Users

F-Secure researcher found a malvertising campaign that has delivered via Skype. The campaign was carried malicious JavaScript code that can take control of browsers and redirects them to a random web page. This web page contained exploit kit that scans users’ PC system for loophole and infect PC with malware. The campaign also delivered malicious ads to browsers, which redirects users to Angler exploit kit made to produce TeslaCrypt crypto ransomware.

Browsing Facebook via Browser can save 15% iPhone battery

Facebook app is again talk of the town due to its battery draining activity. Samuel Gibbs of The Guardian has experimented on iPhone for a week and came out with conclusion that Facebook app is draining more battery instead of using Facebook on mobile browser. The battery life of iPhone could be extended by 15 to 20% by using this app via browser. The researcher had used Safari browser and revealed this fact, he also involved few iPhone users for this research but the result were the same.

Around 1163 Third Party App stores has Android Reboot Ability

Trend Micro came out with research that there are around 1163 third party store apps serve android malware with rooting abilities. Most of them are infected with ANDROIDOS_LIBSKIN.A malware that is bundled with some legitimate apps. Once this malware is downloaded via apps, it released “” shared library that contains exploit kit and roots the phone to control the device. ANDROIDOS_LIBSKIN.A also carries fp.dex and fx.dex files that install other apps and display unwanted ads.

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Google updated security features against Ad botnets

Google has come out with new filters for its advertising platform to help engineers and clients to combat against ad fraud botnets. Google identified “Bedep”, “Beetal”, and “Changthangi” botnet as these three botnets have compromised around 500K computers and out of this, Bedep botnet has infected 300K users each day. Google has reinforced botnet defenses against these three botnets. The new traffic filter will minimize the loss and modify the detection rule of invalid traffic.

Gmail will show a Warning for Unencrypted Conversations

Google has announced security updates about Gmail service that will detect conversions running by bots over insecure channels. The company will show a red broken lock next to sender/receiver’s name that does not support TLS encryption. Even, Gmail will show a red question mark in case of unidentified user avatars (sender/receiver image). Google will give 2GB of additional Google Drive storage who will finish security audit of his/her Google account.

Hackers managed to alter Ruble-Dollar Exchange Rate

According to Group-IB report later given to Bloomberg, Russian hackers have manipulated Ruble-Dollar Exchange rates with Corkow Trojan. Hackers altered the exchange rate by 15% for 14 minutes and carried out trade worth $500 million amount. According to Russian newspaper Vedomosti report, the Russian Central bank also suffered a loss of 244 million rubles because of illegal activity and filed insurance claim.


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