ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper January 18, 2016

USA cities are on target of Malware Infections

Enigma software has released its malware infection report that revealed about the malware infection spread across top 20 US cities. The company is a maker of SpyHunter antivirus product and collected data of malware infection of USA top most 150 biggest cities. Tampa city remained on the top in the list, which was also ranked on first position in the 2014. Tampa recorded five times bigger infection rate than national average and the second position held by Saint Louis city. The other subsequent cities were Denver, Atlanta, Newark, Salt Lake City, Madison, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.

Kickass Torrents suffered from DDoS attack

Users’ favorite and a highly used torrent website Kickass Torrents was suffered from DDoS attack and it was down on January 16 2016. The attack was targeted website’s DNS servers therefore; main domain and site’s proxies were suffered downtime. However, the website is restored successfully and running well but the admin expect potential attack on the site. The attack type was DDoS ransom attack that forced victim to pay ransom to restore the website.

Nuclear Power Plants are failed against cyber attacks

A report from Audit of Security Operation Center and the Nuclear Threat Initiative revealed that cyber security protocols failed to guard nuclear thermal power plants against cyber-attacks across the globe. The first report focused that there was an 18% surge in security incidents between 2013 and 2014. These incidents were related to access computer systems, malicious code detection, policy violation, and social engineering attempts. The second report focused that around 20 countries with nuclear systems are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. There were 24 countries with weapons-usable nuclear materials that were evaluated in the theft ranking and the 45 countries measured in the sabotage ranking. The report further revealed that from 47 countries in 24 states, only 13 countries have good score in terms of cyber security. These countries are Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. While 20 countries scored zero in cyber theft and cyber sabotage.

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Most Program Languages have security Bugs

Veracode has analyzed more than 50K applications in languages like PHP, Classic ASP, .NET, C and C++, Java, JavaScript, iOS, Android, Ruby, ColdFusion, and COBOL for security bugs. The Veracode report further stated that 80% of applications written in PHP language has XSS vulnerability, while 56% have SQL injection bug. Moreover, 64% applications written in Classic ASP and ColdFusion language also have SQL injection vulnerability. According to Veracode, PHP language is quite difficult to secure and this is the reason that SQL injection are on rise.

Spear Phishing Attack costs $1.6 Million to companies

Cloudmark and Vanson Bourne have come with a report that stated that a spear phishing attack costs companies around $1.6 million last year. The survey was done on 300 companies out of which 200 were operating in the USA and the rest was from UK. Around 20% respondents believed that spear phishing attack is company’s top security threat. While 84% companies admitted that, they failed to stop spear phishing attack. As a result, the company stock prices also suffered due to this attack. Even investors of the company have also noticed improper security protocols in company infrastructure.

82% Oil and gas companies faced cyber attack in the last year

According to Tripwire 2016 Energy Survey, in the last twelve months, Oil and gas industry faced more cyber-attacks ever than before. There were 82% companies reported cyber-attacks in the past 12 months. Out of these 82% companies, 53% believed that there was a surge in cyber-attacks from 50% to 100%. The worst case is that 69% of IT professionals are not prepared against cyber-attack detection.


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