ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper January 25, 2016

FACC faced Cyber Fraud, lost €50M

FACC Operations – Austrian manufacturer that produces airplane parts for companies has become a victim of cyber fraud where attackers were managed to take away €50M from bank accounts. The company released a note about the incident. FACC also took the help of the Austrian Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation. The company revealed that the economic integrity, data security, IP rights were remained safe during this attack. Due to this cyber fraud, the share price of a company also tanked on January 20.

Kaspersky and Bitdefender got Top Place as Antivirus Solutions

AV Comparative published its 2015 annual report regarding best antivirus solutions. The research was done on a total of 21 antivirus providers and among them, Bitdefender and Kaspersky remained on the top for PC scan. AV Comparative has awarded Kaspersky as well gave top-rated product award to Avast, Avira, Bitdefender, eScan, Emsisoft and ESET. AV Comparative considers the reliability of protection tools as well as PC clog issue while comparing different antivirus solutions.

UK Businesses believe Insider Threat as Main concern

EY’s 2016 Global Forensic Data Analytics has done research on UK’s organizations including financial sectors, life sciences, power & utilities, and manufacturer sectors. There was a large percentage of UK businesses have to concern over insider threat, seeming a great security risk. The research covered 66 UK respondents and out of the 83% stated that cyber breaches and insider threats are growing concern. Moreover, 65% of respondents consider false travel expenses and abuse of entertainment as the second-highest fraud risk.

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Intrusion Prevention System Signature Attack made Thousands of Websites

After few days of the first year, Symantec showed spike in IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) signature web attack. The signature detects a hidden script injected in a compromised website, which redirects users to a website hosting malicious code. When a user visits such a website, the web attack is activated. The attempts were seen in the
United States (47%), India (12%), United Kingdom (6%), Italy (6%) and Japan (6%). Thousands of websites had been victims of malicious code and these websites include business websites, education websites, and government websites.

Magento Project Fixed XSS Vulnerability

The Magento project faced XSS vulnerability. The bug affects when users register a new account or change their email account. Sucuri discovered that email is not filtered for bad characters and this inappropriate data filtering mechanism allows attackers to inject malicious code in users email address. The attacker makes an order with an email address and when the admin opens the order, the malicious code is initiated. However, the Magento project has fixed the issue with patch.

The University of Virginia faced Data Breach

The University of Virginia informed employees about a data breach that occurred between November 2014 and February 2015. The breach exposed the W-2 tax forms of 1400 employees. The University has announced the data breach on January 22, 2015. The bank information of 40 employees was accessed. Even, 20K staff members of the university became victims of this breach. However, FBI agents have arrested the culprits and the University believed that a phishing attack is responsible for this data breach.


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