ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper July 11, 2016

Google Chrome Adds Anti-Tempering System against Quantum attacks

The latest update to Google chrome Canary has brought anti-tempering system that protects encrypted data transfers against attacks done by quantum computers. Many companies are using quantum computers to flow large amount of data. Google’s engineers believe that quantum computers will have large processing power to carry out brute force attack against encryption algorithms. In order to save encrypted data against future attacks, Google chrome introduced New Hope into chrome. New Hope is a reintroduction of Ring-LWE encrypted key-exchange protocol that was used with OpenSSL to prevent quantum computing attacks.

Avast is planning to buy AVG Antivirus

The Avast antivirus vendor has announced that the company is in process to buy AVG antivirus. The deal would be of $1.3 billion amount including the set $25 price per share. AVG’s board of directors will recommend shareholders to vote on this amazing deal. Both AVG and Avast have nearly 200 million users and after acquisition, Avast will have around 250 million PC and mac users along with 160M mobile users. OPSWAT report said that Avast is ranked at first position with 21.4% market share while AVG was ranked at third position with 8.6% share.

UK Police Department is facing Data breaches since many years

UK’s Big Brother Watch (BBW) revealed that UK police suffered from 2,315 data breaches since last few years (June’11 to December’15) because of insiders. The authority analyzed 869 cases, where police officers have accessed official data for unofficial work while 877 cases relate to data which was shared with unauthorized third parties. There were 297 cases, where police officers were asked to resign or dismissal. The major data breaches were happened at West Midlands Police force (488 incidents), Surrey Police with 202 incidents, Humberside police with 168 incidents, Avon and Somerset police with 163 incidents and Greater Manchester Police with 100 incidents.

Symantec released its Intelligence Cyber Security Trends Report

Symantec has once again come up with current June 2016 trends on cyber security threats that focused on malware, spam and potential risks. In June 2016, Angler Exploit Kit was accounted for 22.7% of total toolkit activities and it has dropped by 30% overall compared to May month. Neutrino toolkit increased by 10% in June month. Besides, manual sharing and Fake offer continued to dominate the social media frauds. Email malware was also decreased across industries.

Symantec SSL Certificate

Facebook Messenger App has rolled out End-to-End Encryption

Facebook messenger app is rolling out end-to-end encryption named “Secret Conversations” to make users’ communication secured. Even FBI, hackers and Facebook itself will not able to intercept ongoing communication. At present, encryption feature is enabled for few users. The rest users will have end-to-end encryption during later this summer. The disadvantage is a user cannot send GIFs, or share videos and make payments in secret conversations. This new feature is optional and is not by default.

Facebook Announced OpenCellular Wi-Fi Device for remote locations

Facebook has announced OpenCellular – a wireless communication hardware device that can be deployed in remote locations and Marc Zuckerberg has posted the introduction of the device in its statement. A hardware device can be placed on tree to deliver wireless network supports 2G, LTE, and WI-Fi networks for home and coffee shop. The device can work also in high winds, temperatures, and bad climates. Facebook has tested a device that can send and receive text messages, make voice calls, and access slow 2G data.

Yingmob Ad Company has infected 85M Android Devices

According to Checkpoint research, Chinese advertising company called Yingmob is distributing malware on a huge scale and has infected around 85M android devices globally. The gang behind this fraud ad campaign is earning $300K per month. Two malwares named HummingBad and Yispecter that infected android and iOS devices. HummingBad targeted android device that injects ads into victim’s device while Yispecter malware infected jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices.

Amazon Server suffered from Data Breach

The hacker Ox2Taylor claimed to have breached one of the Amazon servers that contained 80K login credentials of Kindle users. The hacker has also informed Amazon about vulnerabilities in the server before three days. The credentials included city, state, ZIP code, phone numbers, and IP address. The hacker also posted database on Mega cloud storage service and on his Twitter page. The hacker also suggested users to update passwords.


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