ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper July 5, 2016

JTB Corp. – a Japanese Travel Agency suffered from Data Breach

JTB corp. is one of the biggest travel agency in Japan became victim of data breach. Unknown hackers have stolen around 7.93M users’ details. The breach happened when an employee opened malicious MS word file received in spear phishing mail. The attachment file included RAT and PlugX malware that allowed attackers to access employee’s computer. After infecting employee’s PC, unknown attacker had installed Elirks backdoor Trojan to steal important data.

Ukraine Bank lost $10M in a Cyber Attack

According to ISACA (The Information Systems Audit and Control Association) statement, one of the Ukraine bank (name not disclosed) has suffered from cyber-attack. The bank had lost around $10 M when attackers had penetrated bank system, and used SWIFT system to transfer the money. Attackers first collected details of bank internal infrastructure and launched cyber-attack. Earlier hackers had also targeted banks of different countries like Ecuador, Vietnam, Philippines, and New Zealand.

UK government would cut CEO’s Salary for likely Cyber Incident

The UK Government published a report on the state of cyber security and the report recommended that CEO salary or bonuses would have cut down if the cyber incident happens to the company, which could have been easily avoided. The UK’s House of Commons Committee on Culture, Media and Sport is in mood to link CEO’s payout with cyber incident. At present, the UK fines $1300 for every data breach where customer information is breached.

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Google’s “My Activity” will track user’s all Actions

Google almost tracks activities of the internet users and the company has created “My Activity” page that shows history of users like searches, music, video, watched Netflix program, travelled places. By collecting such historical information, Google want to serve better ads to users. My Activity will list out category wise items with similar activity groups. My Activity page includes Google products like Ads, Search, Android, Play, Chrome, YouTube, Video Search, Image Search, Maps, Google News, Google Now, Google Books, Google Developers, Google Finance, Help, and Shopping. You can turn off features that you don’t want to be tracked in Activity control settings.

China introduced a new law for Mobile App Regulation

China has issued a new law confirming its strict web monitoring activities into mobile apps along with operators like Apple. The new law will monitor distribution of mobile apps, keep eye on its users, and maintain at least 60 days record. The law is out to fight against terrorism, pornography, violence and money fraud. In addition, China would be able to control mobile app users for private encrypted communications. App stores have to verify user’s identity and registration details and keep a record of their activities for 60 days.


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