ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper June 06, 2016

US Federal Reserve is attacked over 50 times

CNN Money and Reuters documents revealed that Cyber culprits have attacked US Federal Reserve more than 50 times. Federal Reserve team has produced 310 reports out of which 140 reports were related to hacking. All reported attacks were happened between 2011 and 2015 year. The team has also collected malicious code in 134 reports while 12 cases were related to fraud and 59 incidents were related to unauthorized access.

Nearly 1 out of 10 NFS server can Expose Sensitive Data

Fortinet revealed that, thousands of NFS (Network File System) servers in enterprises were found vulnerable and had no password. There were around 10.6% of NFS servers on which sensitive information like server logs, server backups, website source codes and server image files were easily accessed. NFS is a protocol that helps to connect and access file via network connection served on port 111 and 2,049. Mostly exposed NFS were located in USA, China, France, Germany and Russia. Fortinet also recommended techniques of mitigation to prevent exposure of sensitive information.

Large companies are still using Outdated WP and Drupal CMS

According to RiskIQ report, most of largest companies across the globe are using outdated WordPress and Drupal versions. The big names using old WP and Drupal version are from top FTSE100 companies. Researchers scanned 1,069 sites out of those 773 were identified using older version of WP and Drupal. There were 307 websites have vulnerability that accounted to 40% of total scanned websites.

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Phishing fraud is increased by 789% in Q1 2016

PhishMe highlighted the phishing fact during Q1 of 2016; the firm conducted 789% increase in phishing activity compared to previous Q4 of 2015. Around 612 phishing movements were targeting 6.3 million victims. The most recognized malware was ransomware, which had been serving on half of phishing campaigns during the end of March 2016. Three out of four, were ransomware payloads version like Locky ransomware, which used malicious JavaScript file attachment. Besides, Dridex banking Trojan and Locky were found dominating phishing activities in 2016.

IoT Devices require strong In-built security, IOActive survey says

There are less than 10% IoT devices have data security as per IOActive Internet of Things research. Around 63% responders believe that IoT security is better than security in-built in hardware and software. There are more and more devices are connecting to the internet hence, in-built security of such IoT devices are in demand otherwise, hackers can infiltrate such devices along with their inter connected systems and devices. There were 72% responders believe that in-built security in devices is a main challenge for IoT security. Besides, ignorance of users, human error and data privacy seems challenge for IoT security.

Data Breach in on the rise in UK

A new figures of ICO research showed that the rise of data breaches in the UK with sectors like Healthcare, Local government, Education, General business, finance, insurance and credit, legal, justice, and others. Healthcare industry is on the top with 184 incidents while courts and Justice showed a 500% increase in incidents. Besides, insurance firms had 317% rise, general business had 157% rise and solicitors & barristers had 127% risen in data breaches.


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