ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper June 13, 2016

Angler Exploit was most dominated Attack of May 2016

Symantec has come up with intelligence report for May 2016 that shows the role played by Angler exploit kit in 51% of exploit kit attacks. Symantec generally highlights on malware, spam, and future business risk in its report. Previously Spartan and Nuclear Exploit kit were dominating the exploit kit category, but both are out of the race now. Social media frauds are declined by 7.91% compared to April results while fake offers fraud are on rise (around 25.68%). Even email malware rate is also increased, as one in 134 emails in the month of May 2016 is found malicious.

Google wishes to remove Crypto in Android N

Google is in mood to remove crypto provider from Android N series of phones. Android allows Java cryptography Architecture to write encryption in their code. Crypto supported SHA1PRNG, SHA1withDSA, DSA, and SHA-1 algorithms, but these algorithms seem out of date now. The company is advising developers to recode apps with AES instead of SHA1PRNG algorithm.

GitHub is moving to HTTPS

GitHub is now moving to HTTPS mandatory for all of its webpages. GitHub allows coders to host their code. However, GitHub had option for users to enable HTTPS earlier. From June 15, all new domains will use HTTPS and the old URLs will be redirected to HTTPS. The custom domains will remain on HTTP. Almost services of GitHub will now be served over HTTPS for secured communication.

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Ransomware attacks are on high in 2016

According to High-Tech Bridge web security trends, Ransomware attacks are five times more attacking the cyber world compared to 2015 year. Crooks are using vulnerabilities to breach the website to carry out the attack. Most of hackers have used SQL injection for entry point in websites and gained control over the server. There were three in five websites or APIs contained a security flaw. Around 24.3% websites are using proper SSL/TLS configuration.

DDoS Attacks became sophisticated and reached at high level

Akamai report reveals that criminals are finding easy way to launch DDoS attacks. There were 19 attacks out of total 4523 attacks, whose bandwidth was more than 100GBPS. Multi-vector DDoS attacks are increasingly and companies have insufficient staff and sources to fight against DDoS attack. In Q1, 2016, gaming sector was highest targeted which accounted for 55% of all attacks. The biggest attack was recorded at 230 GBPS bandwidth, targeting a company involved in media industry.

Russia is developing New Mobile OS

Russians are planning to launch their own mobile OS to fight against Android, windows, and Apple iOS. Minister of Communication of Russian Ministry has tweeted about new development of mobile OS for that they are hiring developers. The new mobile OS will be made of Sailfish OS developed by Finnish company named Jolla. Even BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have also agreed on the development of Sailfish OS. Russia is also planning to develop Tizen OS for laptops, tablets, and IoT devices.


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