ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper June 27, 2016

The IRS is sun-setting e-Filling PIN Method for Tax payers

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is sunsetting e-Filling PIN (a number used for filing tax returns) system after being abused in last February. The authority has detected automated bot attack and an unknown attacker has configured a bot attack, created e-Filling PIN for more than 464,000 Americans, and got access to 101,000 E-filling PINs. The IRS authority is also concerned about its Get Transcript application, users use to get copies of previous tax returns.

Google made new Two-factor Authentication Process for Login

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is like a thick wall between your online accounts and the hacker as it secures online accounts. Still many users avoid it as they find the system annoying. However, Google has tried to make 2FA in a simple way by just tapping on the given security code. Earlier, users have to type the six-digit code, which is now replaced with a single finger tap. The new formula called Google Prompt.

Mozilla has integrated TLS1.3 in its 49th Version

Mozilla Engineers have released its 49th browser version for developer edition. The new Firefox browser version will support TLS 1.3 protocol on which HTTPS will run. IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) announced TLS1.3 in January, but the final official document will be released this summer. To use TLS 1.3 encryption, users have to type about:config in browser URL bar and search for security.tls.version.max setting where you have to enter 4 (four) in value field.

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T-Mobile Czech Republic suffered from Insider Threat

A customer service employee of T-Mobile Czech Republic has stolen data of 1.5 million users to earn profit. Though it is not clear that how many names, email address, account numbers has been stolen. The police investigation is going on and the company has given statement regarding the data breach but refused to give additional information on this Insider Threat. However, the stolen information did not contain any confidential data like location, traffic, passwords.

Around 1 Million IPs used in Automated Brute Force Attacks

Akamai research aimed at automated brute force attacks using different IPs with a view to target users accounts and credentials. These attacks were done on over one million IP addresses. Attackers abused 1,127,818 IPs to launch 744,361,093 login attempts using 220,758,340 distinct email addresses. Major incidents were targeting finance sectors and media & entertainment. Automated attack against finance sector was accounted for over 90% of total attacks. Cyber culprits have utilized 993,547 IPs to check 427,444,261 user accounts.

Young generation have less faith in Conventional Banking Methods

NeoPay has come up with new research done on 2,000 respondents about conventional banking methods. The research highlighted that users between age of 18 to 24 do not trust traditional bank methods. There is one in three respondents would like to transaction via Google or Apple for e-transaction. Around 47% believe in face-to-face contact for bank transactions. Old generation group whose age falls between 45-54 yrs. and 55-64 years have showed little interest in high street banking transactions. Younger generation would like to switch their money transaction via e-money channels.

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