ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper May 2, 2016

The USA Supreme Court authorized FBI to hack any global PC

The Supreme Court of the USA has changed its Rule 41 and approved the right to hack any computer across the world whether it is in their jurisdiction or outside the jurisdiction. Earlier this was limited to only US jurisdiction but from now, the FBI has to get authorized warrant to penetrate the computer. This amendment will enhance the power of remote surveillance. If any opposition party does not oppose the amendment, the changes will effect from December month of this year.

Goldcorp Inc. suffered from Data Breach

Goldcorp – a leading Gold mining company has witnessed a data breach where hackers have grabbed 14.8 GB of data files, put the data online and announced about the hacking. However, there is no evidence of date and method of hacking, or identity of hackers. The data included employee confidential information, emails, and company’s internal reports, employee network information, different login & passwords, employee passport, list of international business contacts. GoldCorp later reported to media about the breach.

The Data of Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been exposed

Anonymous hacker has exposed one TB of data from Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and uploaded the data on the dark web server. The data included PDF and DOCX files but the hacker did not disclose any sensitive information. Kenyan government has confirmed the data breach and said that there was no secret document stolen except email exchange between ministry’s employees. Anonymous hacker has released a statement on #OpAfrica’s IRC channel relating their intentions. As well, the group has posted a video that stating about their fight against child abuse, government corruption in African countries.

Qatar National Bank witnessed severe Data Breach

Qatar National Bank suffered from a massive data breach performed by an unknown hacker. Around 1.4 GB of data was dumped online that contained 15,460 files including customer accounts, passwords, PIN, payment card data, home address, email and personal data. The data was enough to perform a financial fraud for hackers. Initially, the Qatar bank denied for any breach but they finally released a statement saying that there is not financial impact on customers and the bank does not comment on any social media speculation.

Hackers exposed details of Seven Million Minecraft Gamer

The data around 7 million of Lifeboat Minecraft users was breached and appeared online including their username, email address, passwords. Lifeboat runs Minecraft server for mobile version games (Skywars, Spleef, or Fleet). However, there was no financial information was stolen as the game is available for free and required little information for sign up process. Lifeboat administrators used MD5 hash for password protection, which is easy to break, and hackers had not used any complex software.


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