ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper October 11, 2016

Turkey has banned Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox services

Turkey has banned bunch of sites and services like Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and GitHub due to leak of privacy emails of ministry of energy and natural resources. The leak came into focus when a 20-year hacker got access to 17 GB of files that contained 57623 emails. The court of Turkish has authenticated this privacy leakage. The ban was done to stop circulation of stolen emails and stop hosting the email dumps on users’ accounts.

Yahoo created a scanning email tool to spy on users’ email

According to Reuters report, Yahoo has created a tool that scanned its users’ email for information provided by US intelligent officials. The tool was created in 2015 year with the command of either NSA or the FBI. The tool was detecting specific strings in yahoo email and storing them for remote recovery. Yahoo’s tool was so secretive that even the company’s security team was not aware about this tool. Mayer and Bell asked Yahoo’s email engineers to write a software program without involving yahoo’s security team.

RIG Toolkit remained on top in Symantec’s Intelligence Report

Symantec again has brought its latest intelligence report for the month of October 2016. This time the RIG toolkit was remained on the top with 24.6 % ratio that was 21% upward compare to last month. The Neutrino toolkit was on the second rank with 12% that shows around 1% decrease compare to last month. While the global spam rate was also on high with 53.4% ratio. The construction sector was remained the target with 62.2% while the mining sector faced highest phishing.

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BadKernel bug has affected one in sixteen Android Devices

One in sixteen android devices is affected due to bug in Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. There are many device manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Huawei were impacted with this vulnerability. This bug called BadKernel allowed hackers to steal the data from the devices and take control of device camera, as well can intercept SMS or anything they want. The flaw can be exploited just by loading content on a malicious web page.

MITR organization announced $50K for identifying rough IoT devices

MITRE – a nonprofit organization has warned researchers to detect rough IoT devices and they can win $50K for their idea. Researchers have to use nontraditional approach to identify IoT devices without modifying the current protocols. The MITR promised for recognition and promotion, opportunity to work with MITR experts, as well would give a chance to work with government agencies.


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