ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper October 31, 2016

Google and Twitter are used for Malware Distribution

According to AV test result, there were 81 million search results scanned in 2016 and found malicious content in 29,632 websites. It was showing a rapid growth compare to previous years. Even Google Safe Browsing API only identified 19794 results against AV test result. The result said that there were 60% threats started to direct file download while the rest threats were found executing code snippets. The top downloaded file types were EXE, ZIP, RAR, SWF Flash objects.

IoT Devices can be hacked within three minutes, ForeScout says

A leading security firm ForeScout report said that attackers could leverage IoT devices in corporate networks to take control of sensitive information. It will take only three minutes to hack any IoT device for a hacker. It is advisable to change password of device as the vulnerability is resided in continuous use of default password for the device management. Companies are advised to place IoT devices behind firewall, intrusion prevention system, and network access control system.

Shadow Brokers revealed about NSA linked comprised servers

Shadow Brokers have published files pertaining to Equation group- a NSA-linked hacking group. The files comprised list of foreign servers those were compromised by the NSA. The data was related to top three countries : China, Japan and Korea. Experts believed that the file contained 306 domain names, 352 IP addresses. Out of 306 domains, there were 32 domains were related to educational institutions running in China and Taiwan.

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WiGig technology would double the speed of Wi-Fi networks

The Wi-Fi Alliance – a worldwide network of companies for Wi-Fi has announced for WiGig– an ultrafast technology. It would double the speed of current Wi-Fi. By the end of next year, around 180 million devices will take advantage of this new technology. The technology will empower the device production and hardware even in 60 GHz spectrum. WiGig can provide up to 8 Gbps speed from a distance of 33 feet.

FCC rules will restrict ISP to share customer’s information

From now, ISP (Internet Service Provider) cannot share customer data for marketing purpose. Your ISP need to take customer’s permission to share your data. The FCC (United States Federal Communications Commission) has ruled out a new privacy a rule that restricts ISPs from customer’s information sharing with third parties. The private information includes geo-location, children’s information, health information, financial data, and web browsing history, app usage history, and communication content.

AT&T is suspected to be involved in Mass Surveillance

AT&T is involved in mass surveillance with its project named “Hemisphere”. AT&T- a telecommunication giant has not confirmed about this program but a document published showed that a company is providing its service to the US justice department. The company has around 380 million-user database including phone call logs, Metadata. Telephone metadata contains sensitive information of the user that can pose a threat to privacy.


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