ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper September 19, 2016

Blizzard admitted about cyber-attack by PoodleCorp – a hacking group is believed to be responsible. The company disclosed about the incident on twitter page. This is the fourth cyber-attack that Blizzard faced but soon Blizzard came back online. Besides DDoS attack, the company had also technical issues which makes users out of game by preventing them from authenticating the servers.

Mozilla Firefox 49 version will remove Critical Pinning Issue

Mozilla encountered with critical pinning issue that could allow attackers to issue fake updated of add-ons. Firefox assured that they would fix this issue in its Firefox version 49. Due to flow in process, the Firefox team used to update Preloaded Public Key Pinning”. Moreover, Mozilla frequently refresh users’ pinned certificate keys to avoid exploit of this bug.

Google announced Project Zero Price Contest

Google has announced a six-month long hacking contest named Project Zero Price. The price money is set to $200,000 for first runner up while second winner will get $100,000 and the third winner will get $50,000 price money. Researchers have to solve RCF (remote code execution) on multiple devices of Android OS versions. Researcher will be provided only the phone number and email address of a device.

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Google’s French Search interface had XSS vulnerability

A researcher has found XSS vulnerability in Google’s search interface. The issue was not in Google’s search section but was uncovered in custom widget set for Rio Olympics. The company is still showing this widget results but with patching it. The researcher who works for French company has found issue in only French version of Google Olympics widget. Google just patched the issue within four days of its reporting.

EurekAlert has took down its website due to Security Breach

EurekAlert – a science news journal faced security breach that compelled them to take down its website. The links points to a website that lets users to know about the incident. The company has started to reset users’ password. While resetting passwords, the hackers have tried to publish banned news articles based on unpublished research. EurekAlert staff identified stolen files and shut down the website for deep investigation.

British GCHQ has announced National Firewall against Cyber attacks

During the Billington Cybersecurity Summit, the British GCHQ has announced about a national firewall to protect the country from cyber-attacks. The British GCHQ has created the National Cyber Security Centre and it will handle its operations in October 2016. The UK government will add 1900 new professionals to the National Intelligence Agencies. The agency will detect around 200 incidents every month to avert cyber-attacks that pointed to national infrastructure and services.


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