ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper September 26, 2016

Swiss People have voted over Surveillance Power against Threats

Swiss voters have given additional power of surveillance with a 66.5% majority of voting. After Paris attack, the Swiss people have shown concern on growing threat from terrorists and they are ready for surveillance on their privacy for the sake of security. The FIS (Federal Intelligence Service) is a secret service of Switzerland who deals with internal and external cyber spying activities. The FIS needs to take permission from a court, cabinet, and the defense ministry.

97% of Organizations suffered from Data Breaches

Researchers from Digital Shadows revealed that 97% of organizations are not safe from data breaches and have been affected by attackers. The research authority found around 5,550,485 credentials from the top 1000 Forbes companies. These credentials were leaked in earlier data breaches where employees have registered accounts using corporate details. Digital Shadows found one major breach i.e. LinkedIn with 1,636,909 records, and other breaches included Adobe breach with 1,372,229 records and MySpace breach with 1,169,465 records.

IoT devices are used to perform DDoS attacks

According to Symantec, mostly IOT devices are being used to perform DDoS attack. China is the center of IOT attacks and accounted for 34% of attacks in 2016 year. While 28% of attacks originated from the USA and 9% attacks were from Russia. The most seen threats on Symantec’s IoT honeypot this year were Linux.Kaiten.B and Linux.Lightaidra. Even Sucuri also reported about three botnets like CCTV botnet, home router botnet and compromised web servers, which were originated from IoT platforms.

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Spam Level is increasing rapidly, Cisco Report says

Cisco’s Talos team has disclosed in a report about the severe status of spam level across the globe. In February 2016, the global spam level increased to 450K messages per day. Cisco puts emphasis on Necurs botnet, which is responsible for most of the Junk mail at the current time. The growth of spam mail was seen in 2010, which recorded around 500K messages per day. Nucurs botnet does not use all its bots at once so it is hard to detect it.

The US Government is planning for IoT Guidelines

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is likely to announce guideline about the development and security of the Internet of Things (IoT) at The Security of Things Forum event, in Cambridge Massachusetts. The Food and Drug Administration has also issued guidelines on medical device security while the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has also forwarded guidelines for securing customer data on IoT devices.

NIST has revealed Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder Tool

The NIST has issued a draft of a self-assessment tool called Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder. The tool is useful in measuring the effectiveness of cybersecurity implementation and thereby improves risk management. The NIST draft is a collaboration between NIST and the Office of Management and Budget’s Office of Electronic Government and Information Technology. The tool will help any size of organizations in identifying cyber security-related activities; assess the cyber security standards, evaluating cyber security results.


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