Dropbox & WordPress not safe: Hackers use to spread malware

Do you have your stuffs stored on multiple places such that you can access it from anywhere you want? Do you have a bulk storage of movies and videos which you watch everyday being anywhere? If yes, then you are a big fan of Dropbox.

But here is a bad news for the fans of the Dropbox as it is found spreading malware to its users. It has been proved that a team of Chinese espionage is responsible for this. Previously, these criminals have also attacked “The Newyork Times”. They first of all opened a free account on the Dropbox and uploaded a malware and then shared it among a few targeted users, for almost 12 months.

Dropbox is the most convenient medium of spreading malwares for the attackers it is mostly being use up by the Corporates of large organizations and also it cannot be restricted at all. Hence, attackers can masquerade themselves behind the famous as well as trusted entities like Dropbox and WordPress and can very smoothly relay the malware aiming desired users.

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According to the report of the CSO, there was a .ZIP file masquerade as the valid file from U.S-ASEAN Business Council and further requests were sent to the users asking whether they want to go through the Council Policy Paper.

Later there was a normal looking lengthy scripted file name called “2013 US-ASEAN Business Council Statement of Priorities in the US-ASEAN Commercial Relationship Policy Paper.scr” which when opened, appeared as PDF file which opened a backdoor in the host system. After being launched, malware will then move to the WordPress blog developed by the attackers.

For companies, it is impossible to detect malware moving toward WordPress by intrusion preventing system.

This firmly proves that howsoever trusted the brand is. No one is safe when a situation like this comes up on. It is high time that we should develop a tight security to avoid such circumstances.

The best prevention according to Barger, chief intelligence officer for Cyber Squared is to share malware attack information so other corporate companies can take steps for defense.


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