Ensuring Secure Connection with Certificate Patrol

It is time to talk about other browser security add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. I’ll keep continuing this journey with useful SSL add-on which will help you to prevent prospective data breach and hackings. Today I would like to introduce you a very interesting and helpful add-on. It is all about Certificate Patrol that monitors the website’s SSL certificate regular base and if any changes found, it will reflect on your browsing site.

certificate patrol

Certificate Patrol:

Generally, Trusted CAs issue SSL certificate. However, in the absence of CA (Certificate Authority), Intermediate certificate helps to enable trust and secure connection that establishes chain of trust between browser’s root certificate and the certificate.

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There are many CAs and ICAs (intermediate certificate authority) to which the root CA in your browser entrusts blindly. Therefore, there may be a risk of fake signing CAs that can take advantage of MITM (man-in-the-middle attack) and may harm your server. To avoid this situation, Certificate Patrol shows the changes in the certificate. It shows every detail of the certificate and can export a certificate in a file format to your desktop.

Users can delete current or past installed certificate history. In finding a threat, it shows three different types of colors like green, yellow, and red according to the threat level. If any change in certificate occurs due to any reason, this add-on will reveal changes of certificate when you browse the website and it will alert users that the certificate upon which you trust is now changed. On seeing such a message you can take preventative steps and may stop further vulnerability or loss.

How to Download:

  • First, click on Tool Menu in the browser.
  • Now type Certificate Patrol in the search box on the right side of the browser and you will find the above image of this add-on.
  • Click on the green button “Add to Firefox” and it will be installed.
  • Don’t forget to restart your browser after installing this add-on.
  • Additionally you can directly download “Certificate Patrol” from addons.mozilla.com

In my words:

Security is a major aspect of an SSL certificate and if it tampered with or changed, it will influence website authenticity and users will never trust such a website. Therefore, a Certificate patrol is necessary for those users who regularly surf online shopping sites or any financial sites.


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