Expiry Canary add-on: SSL Expiry reminder

Today, we are going to talk about one of the finest add-ons of Mozilla that plays a large role in SSL-equipped websites. We put more importance on this add-on than previously discussed add-ons because it is related to the Expiry of the SSL Certificate.

The silliest mistake that occurs in the business world that runs their website on HTTPS is forgetting to renew their certificate. As a result, the whole business suffers drastically. Now the solution in form of a Mozilla add-on called “Expiry Canary’ seems to be helpful for those firms, organizations, or companies who have installed SSL Certificates on their server. Know about SSL Certificate expired warning message on browser.

What is Expiry Canary?

Canary means informer, and Expiry Canary informs users before 7 days (by default) about the future expiry of an SSL Certificate. Users can set expiry alert as per their choice by changing in preference “extensions.canary.warningPeriod” and even can set a list of sites on which Expiry Canary will work.

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How to change expiry value?

  • Type “about:config” in URL bar.
  • Click on tab “I’ll be careful, I promise!”
  • Paste “extensions.canary.warningPeriod” in search box.
  • Modify value(days) as per your requirements.

By default, it’ll show a popup message for all websites whose Security Certificate is going to expire in near future. This add-on will tell you about the expiry of the certificate of the website you are visiting. It is mostly useful for the admin department of the company that monitors the certificate renewal process to prevent awful mistakes.

Ratings: 5/5
Popularity: More than 160 users

Unfortunately, this add-on does not have a large number of users but as an SSL Certificate provider, we recommend all website owners who accept online payments and have secured their business website with an SSL Certificate should install this add-on in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

How to Download?

It is easy to download this useful add-on; the process of download is as under.

  • Open Tool button in Firefox browser.
  • Search under add-on option for “Expiry Canary”
  • Click on green button called “Add to Firefox” to install add-on
  • Additionally you can directly download “Expiry Canary” by visiting addons.mozilla.com

Finally, We would appreciate this add-on because, in today’s hectic life, it is very useful if we hear some SSL renewal reminders from such add-on that can help much to e-business especially to retain the trust of visitors and clients. Because if an enterprise misses renewing an SSL certificate, the browser will show an SSL warning of expired certificate and tells visitors not to trust such a website. Sometimes you may be a victim of cyber attacks as well if you forgot to renew your certificate. It influences the whole business profit cycle and users will no longer retain your website.


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