Extend Cyber Security with effective Cyber Resilience

What is Cyber Resilience?

Even when the cyber events are quite unfavorable, cyber resilience helps in delivering the anticipated result. Cyberspace is so extensive and widespread that global efforts are mandatory to build cyber resilience. It should also be kept in mind that threats in cyber world are almost global and you may have to accept certain failures for future defense. Cyber resilience can be taken into consideration at the following different levels.

  1. Supranational involves a confederation of nations.
  2. National involves a country or society.
  3. Regional involves a region or city.
  4. Organizational involves an organization.
  5. Functional involves a business function.
  6. Technical involves a technical system.

Need for resiliency:

It is necessary to get cyber peace ensured in today’s times. Cyber resilience allows a system to survive against the security threats and prevents them from any failure. It comes into picture to prevent data losses and make sure that the functioning of the company stays undisturbed. In order to reduce the effect of such cyber attacks on the important data of the business and its goals, resiliency should be a part of the information architecture of the company.

Goals of cyber resilience:

Cyber resilience has become inevitable in order to recover, maintain the most appropriate state, withstand stress and adapt. Irrespective of the technique that you incorporate in your business, cyber resilience should definitely have the following goals.

  1. The companies should be well aware of the threats that exist and the method of their mitigation. They should have a thorough knowledge about the information it holds and the IT infrastructure. Their resilience plan should be in accordance to all these facts.
  2. After the company has a proper knowledge about the assets that it holds and information regarding the cyber threats, the cyber resilience should be consistently enhanced. If they succeed in doing so, fighting against the cyber threats becomes a convenient task.
  3. Lastly, it is essential to handle the breach in information security without any unnecessary delay. It should be ensured that important systems remain free from the cyber threats. In case of an attack, only few systems should be affected so that there is minimum data loss.

Steps to achieve cyber resilience:

If you have the slightest doubt that your company is at risk and cyber threats can make you lose critical information of your company, check out these steps that would definitely help you in achieving cyber resilience.

  1. Evaluate the risk properly:

If a company wants to ensure cyber resilience, the first step is to have a complete understanding about the prevailing threats. This can be done through a detailed risk evaluation by keeping in mind the numerous techniques used by the negative elements and viruses to destroy the company data. Most of the companies neglect the trivial threats that come from suppliers and business associates. By assessing the risks properly, you can recognize these susceptible areas and defend them successfully.

  1. Make use of competent cyber security tools:

Cyber security market is gaining widespread popularity owing to the increasing cyber threats. Some technical sensors can effectively figure out the threats. Nevertheless, human beings cannot be substituted by hardware and software deployments. Companies should realize that cyber resiliency could be best achieved by combined efforts of the employees, technology and tools.

  1. Be ready to beat the most unfavorable situation:

Always, be ready for the worst possible scenario. Losing data becomes unavoidable sometimes, but its seriousness determines the damage caused to the business. By implementing holistic security tools and appropriate cyber insurance, the business can restore its functionality at the earliest.

  1. Watch out for third-party vendors and business partners:

A number of sources can lead to data infringement. These include business partners, third party vendors and other people that are closely or remotely associated with the company. It is also noticed that if one company is not secure from cyber threats, it can become vulnerable to cyber attacks that are intended to attack another company. This becomes a sorry situation for the company. Be watchful of viruses and such malicious elements.

  1. Mitigate the threat posed by internal factors and unskilled employees:

Reliable employees can also make blunders that can create risky situations for the resources of the company. Many companies are vulnerable to such threats from core members of the company. Restricting the use of removable drives and appropriate termination operations are some of the solutions that can be executed to reduce the insider threats. Company should focus on BYOD policy that defines the usage of personal device and determine the way in which the web world is accessed.

  1. Maintain stability and security through the company’s progress:

Through the years, the company undergoes several changes. There is a constant addition and replacement of employees. There are several partnerships and acquisitions too. All these upheavals can lead to security threats and address these changes, there should be proper security checks and a security culture should be actively formed.

Create Cyber resilience initiative:

Cyber resilience is not an isolated problem and a single issue. It should be handled like a socioeconomic issue. Creating a cyber resilience initiative is possible by forming a proper framework of cyber resiliency engineering principles, which are based on security engineering, security management and systems engineering for performance and management. It is quite evident that cyber resilience is not a one-man show. It is a combination of the best operations used in the field of risk management. An accurate cyber resilience initiative can only be devised through stern practices and united efforts starting from individual to global level.


Cyber resiliency helps in overcoming the threats posed to the information as digital content is extremely vulnerable. In the world of unpredictable cyber attacks, cyber resilience plan goes a long way in defending the business from modern attacks. Form a cyber resilience team in every department by choosing the best employees from the key areas. Cyber resilience is a prudent investment that is extremely beneficial in reducing the risk presented by an exponential rise in the expenses and prevalence of security breach.


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