Force TLS: Auto redirection of HTTP to HTTPS

Hello, Readers once again we come up with one of useful SSL add-ons. Today, We are going to discuss one more SSL add-on called “Force TLS” that is about redirecting site to HTTPS offers a choice of adding list of favorite websites that will be redirected next time when you browse them.

Force TLS Add-on:

Force Add-on attempts to force http sites to use the https protocol simply saves your https request for future use once you enter in browser. Man in middle attack can be reduced with this add-on as browser recalls itself when you again try to connect with the same domain. Force add-on works on HSTS (HTTP strict transport policy) in which all sub domains optionally can be redirected with HTTPS requests. User can add site in the list to be redirected via HTTPS for future use. Let us take an example.

Cheap SSL

If a user, tries to access Wi-Fi on an airport with http request without knowing that the access coming from hacker’s laptop in such case user can become victim of man-in-middle attack. With Force TLS, all the requests will be of HTTPS to prevent such attacks.

Ratings: 4/5
Popularity: more than 12000

How it works:

Force TLS use max-age value which means how long the Force TLS will be enable with the site) and “includeSubDomains flag” that offers the option even to enforce sub domains of a site for HTTPS requests. When a site is served with HTTPS offers a header that contains max-age value and includeSubDomains flag. The browser gets the header and adds to the list of Force TLS. In future, any request made to this site will be redirected with HTTPS including sub domains.

How to Download:

To download this add-on, click on Add-on under Tools menu and type Force TLS in search on the right side of the screen.

Force TLS Download

Now click on green button “Add to Firefox” and it will be installed in a seconds. You can add a list of websites under Tools >> Force TLS configuration.
In our Word: This is the worth considering option for stopping man in middle attack or spying eyes of hackers. When user has choices like add list of sites, enforcing sub domains to HTTPS, it creates a secure environment while browsing sites.


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