GeoTrust Website Anti-Malware Scan – Secure Site from Malware Attacks.

ClickSSL ( – the leading SSL Certificate Reseller is glad to declare that they have added a new product of GeoTrust Anti Malware scanner. ClickSSL is platinum partner of GeoTrust. Website Anti Malware Scan helps to describe Malware strives that could an effect on website and ensures consumer’s that their sites are secured and has passed for Malware by displaying GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan.

GeoTrust Website Anti Malware ScanThe almost thieves, Malware hackers are waiting for easily target a website wherever Malware will go undetected. GeoTrust Website Anti Malware Scan includes daily Malware scan to identify Malware and aware client with full information to react fast to attack.

GeoTrust Web Site Anti Malware Seal on any websites works as an alarm security sign in front of window. It confirms hackers that website is daily scanned to detect Malware.

Viruses are harmful, but Malware is violent for website. Malware does not want to interrupt client’s network; it wants the keystrokes, address book, data, logins, passwords, and credit card data.

Any website is at run a risk. Small websites might be more susceptible for the reason that they are less likely to have resources and skill to detect and react rapidly to attack.

When Customers simply browse website Malware may infect the computers. Targeting small web sites with low traffic allows hackers to avoid detection longer and cause more damage. GeoTrust Website Anti Malware Scan assists to trace and removes Malware transmissions quick. Every search listings are kept optimized by avoiding search engine blacklists.

GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan helps web site owners and online businesses to ensure visitors that the website has been scanned for Malware. The website visitors are secured by displaying a trust mark from GeoTrust Web Site Anti Malware Seal.

ClickSSL brings trust on the Internet and helps organizations and customers globally to connect in trusted communications and business. ClickSSL focuses on security and services, customers can know that they are getting the best value in SSL.


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