How Confident You are online?

With the evolving web world, many people spend their most of time on different platforms over the internet, for example, social media sites, email, videos, and gaming websites. However, innocent users do not aware about online frauds or attacks and browse websites to get information or for purchasing any stuff. But Wait! There are some dangers exist over the internet as cyber criminals always look for innocent users who has little or no knowledge about web security. Many users blindly deal with websites without checking their authenticity.

It is quite important to check for HTTPS when you enter any confidential information on any website. The HTTPS mark at the beginning of the URL shows that the website has utmost security and it is safe to deal.

SSL – A Sign of a Safe Website:

EV SSL certificate helps online users to get rid of being victim of data theft or phishing attack. When there is an EV SSL certificate on the website, it will make your address bar green. EV ensures that the website is safe to deal and this certificate is suitable for financial websites, online shopping websites, social media websites, and online payment services. A secure padlock with green bar ensures that the website is legitimate and verified by a reputed certificate authority (who verifies the legal existence of the business and offers the security certificate). All online information and transactions will be remained safe over the web with Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

Cheap EV SSL certificate

The below info-graphic shows the importance of Extended Validation SSL certificate against rising phishing fraud and advises to stay safe over the web.

EV SSL Inforgraphic


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