How to Configure SSL Certificate in IIS7?

As you know, SSL protocol offers enhanced protection to online transactions over the web. But before that we all need to understand the proper SSL installation process on any server. A marginal error while installing SSL on your server can make your website vulnerable and reduce your business esteem. In this article, we will reveal about how to install SSL in IIS 7. It can enhance security of the server and makes your clients free from the worry of data outflow. Before installing SSL, you need a suitable certificate according to your server type. The whole process includes four steps:

  • Get a suitable certificate.
  • Generate an HTTPS binding on a site.
  • Test by making a request to the site.
  • Optionally configure SSL options, that is, by making SSL a requirement.

Here, we will cover up the complete process of installation of SSL certificate on IIS-7. To use a certificate, website owners has to implement it in the server from which a certificate request was made. To setup SSL certificate in server, website owners have to follow specific process. Before installing SSL certificate in IIS (internet information service), let us reveal what is IIS?

IIS is a web server application, created by Microsoft, which supports web or HTTP, FTP, SMTP server. Through IIS, Microsoft builds and administers website, search engine and web based application. It is integrated with Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers. Now, go through some steps for configuring the SSL certificate in IIS7.

    • Open the file folder received in email. Rename the file with your_domain_name.cer and save it on your desktop.
    • Click on Start button, and go to administrative tools, Click on IIS.
    • Select the server name.
    • Now open the “Server Certificate” button with a double click.

SSL Cetificates in IIS7

    • On the right side under‘Action menu’, click on “Complete Certificate Request”.

SSL Cetificates in IIS7

    • Now a wizard will open. Here browse your certificate file that was provided by your Certificate authority. In the next column, type a friendly name so that sever can easily identify it. SSL Cetificates in IIS7
    • Click OK to install the certificate.
    • Now it is time to assign that certificate to a particular website. From the “connection” menu, select the server name for which certificate was installed.
    • Select the site you want to secure with SSL under “sites” shown under “connection” menu.
    • Now click on the “Bindings” from the “Action menu” situated at right side.

SSL Cetificates in IIS7

    • A window called “Site Bindings” will be appeared. Here click on “Add” button.

SSL Cetificates in IIS7

  • It will open another “Add Site Bindings” window. Now, select “http” under ‘Type’. Select your site’s address from a drop down menu and click OK. SSL Cetificates in IIS7
  • The certificate is now properly installed.

Your website is ready with SSL certificate to secure online transactions of your users. Type the address bar of your site that will start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. It means your site is secure and encrypted.


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