How VeriSign Trust Seal Is The Best For You?

Buy a VeriSign SSL Certificate means you have the right to display the Internet trust mark on the most famous in the world. When visitors to your web site to see the VeriSign, which is safer for doing business online and you will see a marked reduction in dropout rate and improve e-commerce.

Here are some tips on where to place the VeriSign in place for maximum impact.

  • Do not make customers spend effort or time to find peace of mind.

If a new customer arrives at your site for security of the site is reliable and safe is the first thing I want to see the home page is marked by Verisign. That is why you should keep the first page of your site’s visibility (probably the same way, as the “top” does not have to scroll to find it).

  • Give the customer the most suitable for them.

Customers need a peace of mind when sharing your personal information, such as the page to enter your login information or credit card to share. For this reason, it is recommended that the VeriSign Trust Seal appears on every page is a request for information. VeriSign displays the data in the vicinity.

  • Do not let the VeriSign Trust Seal show, it feels too late.

The brand is important for customers, and therefore the signal connected to the Internet is the best in class security. To be clear, it seems that the VeriSign Trust Seal. Do not seal the bottom of the page, where it can be seen, or if the visitor should be considered. Do one of the most visible parts of the page where you can see easily.

  • Wow them at the beginning of the buying process for customers.

Since all the noise of the Internet experience, you need to get customers to manage their purchases as soon as possible. Showing confidence in the following link in search results, your site is, of course, different. Customers are interested in a link that shows signs of confidence in the process while shopping search and comparison.

VeriSign ® Seal-in-Search™ feature displays the VeriSign Trust Seal on the pages of search engine VeriSign ® SSL Certificate. VeriSign Trust Seal appears on the following link to trusted sites. Seal-in-Search™ will help increase the visibility of links and strengthen consumer confidence, which can increase the number of clicks and increase web traffic reliably.

  • Remember to apply the VeriSign Trust Seal.

It is very important to show VeriSign Trust Seal that the website has been protected with VeriSign SSL Certificates. Trust Seal offers website scanning and Seal-in-Search facility. If a user buys VeriSign SSL certificate, he will get 256-bit encryption including VeriSign Trust Seal, Seal-in-Search, and daily Website Malware scanning so he does not need to pay extra for VeriSign Trust Seal. For sites that do not need SSL may only go for VeriSign Trust Seal.


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