Identify Online Job Scams: A form of Phishing

Unemployment is a big issue for youngster who has a degree but not able to get meriting career. Such innocent people fall into victim of Job Scam.

Suppose you are in search of job and tired of searching everywhere and suddenly you find a job posting in the email. You will get excited soon. BUT WAIT! Hold your excitement, because it is essential to check whether it is a real job posting or a swindle. You could fall victim to online job frauds or phishing email if you are not careful. In this article, I would like to draw attention to job buncoes and methods to identify it. So let us read one by one.

Email Phishing is a method to trick users to get their sensitive information or credentials. The email or website pretends to be a legitimate may ask for login credentials, financial details or any sensitive information.

Before submitting your details to unknown emails, you should little dig-out about the company properly, especially if you have never heard of such type of company before. Many companies ask for dollars or credit and debit card details as a deposit. In reality, no company would ask for deposit money for recruiting people in their company for any job posts. Therefore, if you deliver money to such online frauds, you could be trapped in legal trouble.

Scammers take help of email, ads, or authenticate job-posting sites to lure job seekers. They get your resume easily and contact you to fulfill their motive. If any company asks money for recruitment, then think again before approaching it.

For example, some fake emails pretend to be a legitimate job provider, ask for 25 USD for a test preparation kit as a US Postal Service fee. When you pay a fee, the money goes to the scammer’s account instead of US postal department. US Postal Department never asks for money for any test preparation key. In this way, job seeker should understand the motto of such fake job offers.

In another example, you may receive part time job opportunity or home base work emails in which the potential employee is asked to deposit money initially. Many complaints have been shown in past about non-refund deposit and payment issues in online home base work.

Many job frauds include payment-forwarding frauds in which users have to forward money from a bank to another account. The hired person for the job will get minimal payments for such work. Due to financial transactions, such jobs can put you in legal trouble.

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Signs of Job Scams:

Job scam via email is a part of phishing mail and here are some signs that will help you to identify the fake job email.

  • You receive a job that does not require any experience still giving handsome salary.
  • You never applied for such post and still you are invited to join such job post.
  • The job posting email asks for credit card or financial information from you.
  • The email may be feigning to come from government authority, banks, financial institutions etc.
  • The address seems in email is fake or non-business address.
  • Recruiter sends SMS or IM for conducting a job interview.
  • The email has bad grammar, or spelling mistakes.
  • You received an email in unusual hours or outside business hours.
  • The email is filled with luring offers like “Make instant money”, “Earn thousand dollars from Home”.
  • Always check URL of email whether it is from a legitimate company or a fake one.

Try to find the person associated with a job offer on LinkedIn or look out in search engine. Arrange for a video chat on Skype, Google Hangout or Facetime so that you will know whether such identity exists or not. Do not provide any financial details like credit card or debit card numbers. You may ask for employment letter or statement of work. If any document is sent to you, review it carefully, there isn’t any mistakes in grammar or in spelling exist.


Online job scams or phishing mail is a rising concern of cyber world and until the date, it made thousands of victims. Such spam email or job offer email may redirect users to a fraudulent website or can inject virus into the user’s computer. It is essential to avoid such emails or mark them as spam so it will be automatically avoid by your inbox.

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