Importance of Web hosting Security

What is Web hosting?

The Internet has disseminated its boundaries all over the world. Web hosting lets people, and organizations make their websites available through the World Wide Web. Web hosting service provider provides server space and internet connectivity to the user. The user can take the service of the trusted web hosting provider.


There are different types of Web hosting services like free Web hosting, shared Web hosting, Reseller Web hosting, cloud hosting, VPS (virtual private server) hosting, blog hosting, grid hosting, etc.

Why needed Security:

Now, it is understandable that a website carries many important and confidential information and data. Therefore, it is essential to keep strong security for Web hosting Companies. Otherwise, unauthorized access can steal your confidential information regarding debit or credit card, password, and login ID. It can also disturb the functionality of your website. There are two types of loss identity theft and loss of income. It also can harm your personal image or company brand by distributing offensive or false information. For that, you have a proper hosting provider who takes security very seriously in their daily work.

Shared hosting and VPS server carry the highest risk in hosting services. Once a malicious site or code is uploaded on a server, it will be hazardous for all customers whose data are loaded on a server. Malicious websites or code programs are designed for identity theft or hijacking the entire server. Now it is essential to take precautions against such vulnerability.


It is well said that precaution is better than cure. The same thing is applied here in web hosting. If you take some earlier precautions for the sake of security reasons, then, your hosting service will have the least chance of vulnerability.


It is the most important factor in web hosting security. Robust encryption can save a user’s data, sent it between the user’s PC to your web server. Users can securely do online transactions with their credit or debit card information, name, address with strong SSL encryption. Many online businesses have secured their websites with an SSL certificate that provides a secure environment for users.

Data Backup:

Data Backup is necessary for a web hosting company, which can prevent your data loss in case of server hacking. Data Backup should be taken once a week, on a daily basis, or after every most important update. Web hosting providers provide automatic data backup integrated into your control panel, and you can take a backup on a disk saved on an FTP server.


A firewall can block many threats and attacks coming to the server. You can modify the setting of the firewall to prevent a vulnerable IP addresses or insecure proxy servers, which can cause vulnerability to your server.


All websites should be monitored on a daily basis to prevent threats and malware. If any website is found vulnerable, it should be stopped from working until the proper action has not been taken. There are automatic alerts through which the hosting provider can inform the site owner about any malware attack. Therefore, the client can take measurements against such attempts.


Both hosting providers and website owner should change their password. If the account holder makes an update or uploads some software, he should change the password. If any site becomes a vulnerable site, a message will be conveyed to the site owner, regarding a change of password.


The web hosting providers must have hosting support with a timely response. The uptime of a site must be well performed. Even a couple of minutes of server downtime can cause a huge loss to the company. The staff of the hosting provider should be friendly and responsive when contacting them for any solution.


Security concern is important for both users and hosting providers. If you do not take precautions against malicious efforts, then, it will be a loss for both sides. Therefore, it is necessary to equip with modern technology, which can identify and prevent any vulnerability. As a Web Hosting provider, your web servers should be encrypted with an SSL Certificate that will increase trust in customers’ minds.


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