McAfee: Cybercriminals Use Superheroes to Unleash Malware

Superheroes will not save anymore from cybercriminals. A recent study exposed that largest number of websites found infected when users searched for Superheroes.

According to report by McAfee, when users search for superheroes like Aquaman, Ironman and Superman are the latest weapon of cyber criminals for injecting malware into the system. While investigating for search results for Superheroes, McAfee came across number of bogus links, viruses, malware and the websites containing malware. McAfee has also launched a list of such harmful searches named ‘2013 Most Toxic Superheroes List’.

The internet provides multiple comic resources to comic fans like digital video, quotes, software downloads and images and such resources may contain malware or virus that harm your computer system and without your awareness inject malicious downloads. Internet has extended its boundaries everywhere and if we observe in USA and UK many children less than 17 years use internet for searching content related to their superheroes. Hackers take advantage of their innocence and try to spread malware in system.

Aquaman found most toxic

Based on this list the most dangerous site was that of Aquaman with a possibility of about 18.6% of getting traversed to a malicious site. Following the trend other superheroes which have chances of landing on a malicious website when searched for are listed below:

Aquaman – 18.60%
Mr. Fantastic – 18.22%
The Hulk – 17.30%
Wonder Woman – 16.77%
Daredevil – 16.70%
Iron Man – 15.63%
Superman – 15.21%
Thor – 15.10%
Green Lantern – 15.00%
Cyclops – 14.40%
Wolverine – 14.27%
Invisible Woman – 12.40%
Batman – 12.30%
Captain America – 11.77%
Spider-Man – 11.15%

Hackers have always been innovatively put their efforts in methods or mediums of attacking a larger number of people. From latest events, holidays, music and movies to natural disaster, hackers never leave any opportunity of targeting bigger population. Now, with the Superheroes they are able to unleash malware on the systems of the users.

Cheap SSL

With the help of “McAfee Site Advisor” they were able to complete the report of the celebrities and other criteria that are risky to search for.  McAfee also suggested that users should be more careful while downloading the unauthorized or unsecured files and videos or songs from those who give them for free as they can consist of a number of malwares.


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