Mobile Security: A Rising Concern for Smartphone users

Security risks associated with Smartphone and tablets are augmenting now days. Cyber culprits are now following advanced hacking techniques to target Smartphone users to perform many tasks like data theft, swipe the money, phishing, malware installation etc. Therefore, security has now become an essential part of Smartphone to avert potential cyber hacks.

In 2013, Android became the dominant player in spreading malware. In current year, many security experts predicted about rising of malware attacks on Smartphone. In this piece of information, I would like to address top five mobile security issues that will compel security experts to ponder them in 2014 year.

1.  Application Vulnerability:

According to a well-known research there are 96.5% android apps are at risk. Not only android platform but also IOS apps are suffering from such security issues. The reasons behind widespread risk are third party download, ignorance of mobile security, lack of trustworthiness, open source platform &c. According to MetaIntell, a risk assessment leader said in Android, there are 92% applications that do not have secure communication protocol while 60% applications run with blacklisted domains. It is quite difficult to uninstall all these applications from user’s device if any one used them. In future, vulnerable app will be a serious concern for major Smartphone OS.

2.  Data Theft in Organizations:

Data theft is painful for any organizations but if we look at past year’s figures on the base of different security research, data theft majorly happens due to insider threat. Employees in organizations are much responsible for data theft. Data theft issue is mainly related with exploitation of confidential data, lack of system control, and infringement of industry and government rules. To overcome Data theft issue –

  • Organizations should educate employees about security parameters.
  • Require to implement data monitoring.
  • Use of SSL encryption for online payment transactions.

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3.  Jailbreaking Device:

Jailbreaking device modifies the operating system of devices like iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and allows users better control over their device. Users will be able to remove device restrictions like installation of apps and other content via third party app store. It is believed that Jailbreaking devices are more difficult in terms of upgrading. Many Jailbreaking devices found functioning incorrectly whenever they get update. The major issue is, whenever user install app via untrusted source, the device might face security issue like installation of malware, data theft etc. Apple even does not support such Jailbreaking devices, and consider such devices out of warranty due to security issues.

4.  Malware Growth:

Mobile malware is on rise and still using complicated techniques to enter into user’s Smartphone. Android may remain most infected operating system in this year and expects more man-in-middle attacks. According to Trend Micro mobile malware will rise in 2014. Hence, the time has come to take data security seriously and organizations should implement intrusion prevention system, security architecture, internal firewall, Wi-Fi security on advance level.

5.  Mobile Ecommerce World:

Ecommerce platform is still vulnerable due to credit and debit card transactions that take place on daily base. However, in mobile commerce, hackers can easily trick the user and steals personal information and money by installing vulnerable app on their smartphones. The major risks in M-commerce are data confidentiality, data integrity, identity verification. For a smooth mobile commerce, there should be precautions on both client and organizations side. Hackers always find tricks to swipe credit card information on smartphones and tablets.


Security issues in Smartphone are arising; so organizations and manufacturers like Apple, Android, and Blackberry should think over these issues to provide a better and secure environment to users. On the other side, users should take security precautions to avert potential cyber attack on their Smartphone.


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