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ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper April 11, 2016

Here we are ready to present our 100th Weekly InfoSec Snipper (WIS) today. The response we received from our readers is amazing and unforgettable. We thank everyone for being with us for such a long span of time. The same effort, we have tried to include in today's InfoSec Snipper that hover around
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Security Tips to Keep Customer Data Secure

It is inevitable for businesses to protect the customer data not only for the reputation of the company but also to avoid paying fines for the same. It is established that it is the duty of companies to keep the data collected from the customers safe from any breaches. Your company should be able to
vbulletin hacked

ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper April 4, 2016

Household IoT is still remained open to Threat Bitdefender report is based on analysis of few consumer IoT devices, revealed that these devices are prone to privacy theft. The current authentication can be bypassed in many IoT devices. LIFX bulbs, MUZO Cobblestone audio receiver, LinkHub, and We
Facebook Impersonation

ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper March 28, 2016

Facebook is going to introduce Alert for Facebook Impersonation To prevent online harassment especially for women users, Facebook is working on a feature that will inform users about cloned accounts according to Mashable. Cyber prowlers imitate Facebook users, do activities on their behalf unless
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ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper March 21, 2016

Buhtrap Group has targeted Russian Banks Russian banks are on target of Buhtrap attacker group by applying spear phishing technique. According to Russian security IB group report, such phishing mails contains word file that enable spyware infection. After accessing the PC system, spyware can open
IT security audit

IT Security Audit: Best Practice to Perform Security Inspection

Company's networks share information and communicate in insecure environment, which are vulnerable to different attacks. Generally, information is shared on networks via email, attachment, network drives, which pose dangers as well. Not only outsiders but also insiders in organizations are responsib
Web Attacks by Toolkit

ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper March 14, 2016

Email Malware Rate is on rise, Symantec Intelligence says On the base of Global Intelligence Network (GIN), that collects the data on malware, spam, phishing, web attacks and mobile & social media has come up with February Intelligence report. The report is saying that email malware rate is h