social media phishing

ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper February 13, 2017

Social Media Phishing Increased 500% In 2016 Year According to Proofpoint report, social media attacks have mounted 500% in 2016 year. Angler phishing was dominating in social media threat, which can catch customer support channel on social media and steal credentials. There has been increase in fa
Employee Behavior In Organizations

Put Halt On Employee Bad Behavior In Organizations

Did you ever take home an office owned pencil or pen or maybe a couple of notepads? Overall, it is harmless. Organizations nowadays are facing bad employee behavior especially regarding cyber security in organization. It is found that nearly one-quarter of your employees shared their login informati
wordpress content injection vulnerability

ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper February 6, 2017

WordPress Websites Are Prone To Content Injection Vulnerability According to Sucuri research, WordPress websites are vulnerable to critical zero-day content injection vulnerability. It affects REST API and allows attackers to modify content of a website. However, Sucuri reported to WordPress and th
Data Science Vs Business Intelligence

Data Science And Business Intelligence – Must For Business Advantages

Data Science and Business Intelligence (BI) are two terms that are usually confusing to many. In fact, some of tend to use the terms interchangeably! Well, they are actually not the same. In simple terms, Business Intelligence activities entail creating graphs, charts and reports using data while Da
Facebook enabled U2F

ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper January 30, 2017

Facebook enabled U2F for security reason Facebook has enabled Fido-compliant Universal 2nd Factor Authentication (U2F). It allows users to log into Facebook with Yubikey - a physical security. A hardware-based authentication would simplify, tighten and secured Facebook platform. Many companies like
PCI DSS objectives and steps to maintain

PCI DSS – Objectives And Steps To Maintain

We all concur that rules exist to keep things in order. This is especially true in a business world where the objective is to ensure that every enterprise function runs smoothly. For example, think of how rules can be vital in keeping your business data safe, is this possible? The answer is 'Yes'
android malware google play store

ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper January 23, 2017

Supercell Forum admitted about breach of 1 million accounts Supercell community forum has suffered from data breach in 2016 but admitted few days before that the data breach has hacked millions of Supercell forum accounts. Supercell is a maker of Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Clash Royale, and Boom Beac
migrating to HTTP2

HTTP/2 Migration Delivers A Plethora Of Benefits

Change is good, especially when it is for the good. That is what migrating to HTTP/2 is all about. It leaves behind the shortcomings of HTTP and presents web developers and users with a renewed web experience that is better than ever. HTTP has remained the cornerstone of web technology. However,