PCI DSS objectives and steps to maintain

PCI DSS – Objectives And Steps To Maintain

We all concur that rules exist to keep things in order. This is especially true in a business world where the objective is to ensure that every enterprise function runs smoothly. For example, think of how rules can be vital in keeping your business data safe, is this possible? The answer is 'Yes'
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ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper January 23, 2017

Supercell Forum admitted about breach of 1 million accounts Supercell community forum has suffered from data breach in 2016 but admitted few days before that the data breach has hacked millions of Supercell forum accounts. Supercell is a maker of Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Clash Royale, and Boom Beac
migrating to HTTP2

HTTP/2 Migration Delivers A Plethora Of Benefits

Change is good, especially when it is for the good. That is what migrating to HTTP/2 is all about. It leaves behind the shortcomings of HTTP and presents web developers and users with a renewed web experience that is better than ever. HTTP has remained the cornerstone of web technology. However,
Yahoo renaming its name to Altaba

ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper January 16, 2017

Cellebrite suffered from hacking, 900 GB data has been stolen Cellebrite has been hacked and hackers stolen 900 GB data. The data included technical information and log files, government messages from different countries. However, the name of hacker is not revealed but the company said that one of
why to select rapidssl certificates

Why To Choose RapidSSL Certificates?

Website security is now a stuff that a website owner cannot overlook to secure their valuable customers’ sensitive information. In the rising world of threat, your website needs a stable and strong online security that can provide your customers a secure platform where they can feel sign of relief
Web Attacks Blocked per Day by Symantec

ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper January 9, 2017

The rise of Cyber Attack in December 2016, Symantec report says Symantec is ready with its last intelligence report for 2016 year. The intelligence report indicates that Symantec has blocked 388,000 web attacks compare to 299,000 attacks recorded in previous month. The ratio of exploit kit was not
ClickSSL comodo platinum partner and redesign

ClickSSL Became Comodo Platinum Partner, Unveils New Makeover

ClickSSL, a leading name amidst all SSL certificate vendors gets a new feather in its cap. The SSL certificate provider has become a platinum member with Comodo. Comodo SSL certificates are used all around the world by major brands to encrypt their websites from cyber threats. ClickSSL has further e
tumblr hacking

ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper January 2, 2017

The Turkish Chamber of Commerce has been hacked Two separate hacker's group have breached The Turkish Chamber of Commerce and the website has been taken down for further investigation. The team is trying to patch vulnerability and recovering after this hacking. Kurdish hacktivist group Mezopotamia