Secure Credit Card While Shopping Online

Today online shopping has become more popular than ever for a majority of customers. In comparison to big stores with fix hours and long queues, online shopper can choose any time of the day to get on the internet and shop. Unfortunately, online shopping comes with the risk of fraud. Credit ca

Symantec NetSure® Protection Plan – ClickSSL

Overview: Symantec® offers its customers the NetSure® Protection Plan with each Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate. NetSure is an extended warranty program that protects SSL Certificate customers against certain losses resulting from breach by Symantec of the warranties included in the SSL Ce

One Stop Solution for SSL Certificates Renewal at Discount Price

ClickSSL, the largest SSL Certificate reseller of trusted Certificate Authorities, is proud to announce the official launch of our new website for the renewal of the SSL Certificates at the highest discounted price up to 80%. We have designed this site RenewSSLCertificate
rapidssl site seal

RapidSSL Updated New RapidSSL Site Seal

RapidSSL updated their website with new RapidSSL brown, orange and yellow and a sleek new look and feel the significance of a brand that embodies SSL super fast and easy. RapidSSL also migrated their roots to the key sizes of 2048 bits to enable up to 256-bit encryption. Now RapidSSL are updating th

SGC SSL Certificate: Enabling Strong Encryption for the Most Site Visitors

If your reputation in the online community depends upon the stringent safeguarding of information processed through your Website, then your Internet security solution should include the strongest encryption available to each Web site visitor. Encryption is the process whereby data is transformed
phishing and malware

Phishing And Malware Detection

What Is Phishing And Malware? A phishing attack takes place when someone masquerades as someone else to trick you into sharing personal or other sensitive information with them, usually through a fake website. Malware is software that gets installed on your machine often without your knowledge, and

Suitability for placing order of EV SSL Certificate

EV SSL Certificate stands for Extended Validation secure socket layer. EV SSL certificate provides highest level of security in the industry. SSL Certificate has become fundamental requirement of today's eCommerce business. Customers trust Extended Validation SSL Certificate the most. One cannot
ssl certificate benefits

How SSL Certificate helps us to gain the customers?

Secured Socket Layer is known as SSL Certificate, which are all over accepted and technologically proven standard security technique used for encrypt data. SSL certificate is usually used for a business website that is because as for business website there is a payment process over there. Another ma