go green with ev ssl

Go Green With EV SSL Helps Boost Ecommerce Business

To earn trust, you need an easy, reliable way to show customers that not only are their transactions secure, but that you are a legitimate business and you are whom you say you are. To meet this need, security vendors and Internet browsers have combined forces to establish the Extended Validation (E

Protect Yourself Online To Go With Big Deals

Before you or your family members sign-in or buy online, ask yourself. Do I trust this Web site? ClickSSL brings trust to the Internet by helping people and organizations establish, promote and protect their identities online.Look for the Green BarThe green address bar in your web brows

Configuring SSL Certificate for use in MS IIS

When SSL Certificate has been installed, you will need to enable the server as well as any firewall or routers that are in place for secure communications. To do so, enable the SSL port, which is by default port 443, and assign a unique IP Address for your Certificate on your website. SSL Certificat

Website Security Indicator Using an SSL Certificate

If you are entering sensitive personal data on a page, look for a lock icon to the left of the site's URL in the address bar to see if the site uses SSL. SSL is a protocol that provides an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the site you are viewing. Sites can use SSL to prevent third parties

5 Ways to Increase Trust Online

Secure Your Site and Protect Your Customers from FraudSkeptical consumers, increasing competition, and more sophisticated fraudsters make trust essential to your success online. Before customers click, they need assurance that your site is secure, their transactions are protected, and you are wh

The Effective Identification of SSL Certificates

SSL stands for "Secure Socket Layer". It is a technology that establishes a secure session link between the visitor's web browser and your web site so that all communications transmitted through this link are encrypted and are, therefore, secure. SSL is also used for transmitting secure email, secur
SSL Certificate Helps To Protect Phishing And Pharming

What is an SSL Certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the World Standard for Web Security. SSL technology confronts the potential problems of unauthorized viewing of confidential information, data manipulation, data hijacking, phishing, and other insidious website frauds by encrypting sensitive data so that only authorized

VeriSign Vulnerability Assessment – Secure Website and Consumers

ClickSSL is Platinum Partner and authorized to buy or renew of major brand SSL Certificates, has declared the accessibility of the VeriSign Vulnerability Assessment on https://www.clickssl.net. Hackers and cyber criminals are constantly refining their attacks and targets; you need agile tools to st