SGC SSL Certificate: Enabling Strong Encryption for the Most Site Visitors

If your reputation in the online community depends upon the stringent safeguarding of information processed through your Website, then your Internet security solution should include the strongest encryption available to each Web site visitor.

Encryption is the process whereby data is transformed into a code that will be indecipherable to an unauthorized viewer. The stronger the encryption, the more difficult it is for someone to eavesdrop on your online communications. This is especially important if you accept any kind of online payments, connect to a bank or brokerage account, transmit health records, must meet a governmental or other regulatory organization’s privacy and security standards, or process any kind of potentially sensitive information.

Industry experts recommend a minimum of 128-bit encryption be used for all secure online sessions. Some Web server-client browser configurations enable sessions with up to 256-bit encryption protection, the strongest level of encryption commercially available today.

The strength of encryption enabled for any session depends on what your customer’s browser and operating system support, as well as what your host server systems will support. If your consumer’s browser or operating system does not support higher levels of encryption, the session will default down to the highest level that it can support.

Regular 128-256 bit SSL Certificates intended for securing leading sites over usual browsers, where SGC SSL Certificates upgrade the encryption capabilities of older browsers from 40-bit encryption into full 128- or 256-bit encryption.

Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) enabled SSL Certificates upgrade the encryption capabilities of older browsers from 40-bit encryption into full 128/256 bit encryption – ensuring your website protects and is trusted by the highest number of internet users possible.

With SGC SSL Certificate, encryption levels are controlled by the server and not dependent on the client system. Once these original export restrictions were lifted, SGC-enabled SSL Certificates are now issued to all types of Websites, not just authorized financial institutions.

VeriSign offers market-leading SGC-enabled SSL Certificates so virtually every visitor to your Website will be protected by the industry recommended minimum of 128-bit encryption.


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