SSL Certificate for MS Exchange Server 2007 / 2010

This discussion would help you understanding different SSL products used to secure Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 / 2010 and Outlook Anywheresecurity and choosing the best & affordable SSL certificate for mail server security.

Q. How UCC SSL Certificates works for exchange server?

A. Secure multiple Exchange 2010 services (SMTP, Autodiscovery, ActiveSync, and Outlook Anywhere, OWA) with one UCC SSL Certificate. Unified Communication Certificates reduces the complexity of your server configuration because it let you run all mail services on single IP address.

Example of exchange names:
  1. (Webmail public address)
  2. (Webmail auto discover)
  3. (SMTP, POP, IMAP mail server name)
  4. exchange.exampledomain.local (Local exchange server address)
  5. exchange1 (NetBios exchange server name)

Review all recommended UCC Certificates. ClickSSL offers all UCC / SAN SSL with unlimited server license. You can install it on unlimited servers.

Q: Is wildcard SSL also good for MS Exchange server?

Cheap Wildcard SSL

A. Yes, Wildcard SSL certificates are also good for MS Exchange servers. Wildcard Certificates basically issued to * and here * stands for sub domain name on the same level. Exchange servers used to access in multiple forms. Like people on local office network would be accessing as auto discover or exchange.exampledomain.local etc. Where wildcard certificates do not support these .local names and hostnames. People from the internet may access Exchange mail server as ,, and this only can be secured wildcard ssl certificates as wildcard are issue only for public domain, not for local domain names.

Our conclusion and experts recommendation says UCC certificates are better to wildcard certificates.

However, if you still want to install Wildcard SSL certificates for Exchange Server 2007 / 2010, you may buy any of these wildcard certificates.

Q. Should I buy a single domain SSL certificate for exchange server security?

A. This is really smart question we heard from one of our clients and you must read this before you pay for any ssl. UCC and wildcard certificates are very costly compared to single domain regular ssl certificates. Now in-case you do not need to secure. local domain names, we strongly recommend you installing single domain ssl certificate for exchange also. Yes, it works fine at lowest price.

We recommend Geotrust QuickSSL Premium SSL if you are ready to install single domain ssl. We offer something extra with this SSL and this is the type of semi-SAN SSL. ClickSSL provides all Geotrust SSL certificates and QuickSSL premium certificate for unlimited server license and unlimited free reissue.


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