Top 4 EV SSL Certificates

Top 4 EV SSL Certificates – Reasons To Choose Extended Validation Certificate

Are you a person in the web domain pondering on whether you need SSL certificates or not? Well, the answers to this is a plain ‘Yes’, you need to jump on board! After all, the SSL certificates have grown to be the safety protocol in a world where attackers are after unsecured connections. Talk of the escalating number of attackers always on the hunt for sensitive user information but first let us talk about What is SSL all about?

What Is SSL?

SSL stands for a “Secure Sockets Layer” that delivers secure connection between a client and server. This way, sensitive information such as customer names, credit card numbers, social security numbers, address, and others are transferred in a private and secure paradigm. SSL certificate provides encryption, authentication, and security against phishing.

Introducing Extended Validation(EV) certificate, a better ‘class’ of SSL

Talking of top draw security, there is a better class SSL in extended validation SSL certificates. This is certainly a great way to step a notch higher above the normal SSL certificates in a bid to deliver better security and performance to your web users. In simple terms, extended validation certificate provides an even better way to secure communication while also enabling the organization behind the certificate to display its security status to the visitor. What’s even interesting is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more benefits of going for EV SSL certificates.

Benefits of EV SSL Certificate:

Improve Consumer Confidence

You can never underestimate the power of consumer trust in business keeping in mind the stiff characteristic of the evolving modern business ecosystem. This is where the value of EV SSL comes in by boosting authenticity of your website and provides secured platform where your customers are undertaking web related transactions. EV SSL offers green address bar as a security indicator. So, having the EV SSL for website will translate to better confidence for customers and return on Investments (ROI).

Mitigate Phishing Scams

Phishing has got to be one of the most popular attacks on the internet today or rather, a scenario where cyber attackers pose as businesses with the aim of stealing personal data from unsuspecting web users. EV SSL prevents such case scenarios by presenting consumers with a chance to differentiate websites from the fake ones thus reducing chances of consumers falling prey to phishing attacks.

Insuring Businesses For The Future

Data breaches can be very costly to an extent that it can bring down any business regardless of the size. Thankfully, EV can be very pivotal which protecting your data against such data breaches, a feat that can insure your business for the future.

Which Websites Are Fit For EV SSL Certificates?

EV SSL certificates are more of a necessity than a luxury if you are running any website that handles sensitive customer or company information/data. A good example is an e-commerce store that handles monetary transactions or perhaps a bank that delivers transactions through the web. EV SSL is requires for such websites where highest authentication is required. EV SSL is tailored for any kind of web niche!

The Best EV SSL Certificates In The Market

Now that you know a thing or two about EV SSL certificates, the next question to answer is, which are the best EV SSL certificates to go for?

Comodo EV SSL

Comodo has been a major player in world security and it’s not by a fluke! It has been through the quality security solutions and EV SSL product is one of quality product of Comodo. Some of the features you are bound to get with Comodo EV SSL range from:

  • 2048 bit security assurance
  • Green bar assurance
  • Convenient trust sign
  • Free Comodo Trust Logo for unlimited server licenses

thawte ev ssl certificateThawte EV SSL

Talking of smart customer experience, Thawte has managed to blend one of the best EV SSL products with great customer support. Thawte EV SSL certificate comes with some awesome benefits including:

  • Free unlimited server licensing
  • The chance to pick multi-year certificates
  • The ability to add up to 25 additional domains on purchasing a SAN SSL certificate

This certificate can be bought, renewed and managed via a single console and it takes up to 5 days.

symantec ev ssl certificateSymantec EV SSL

Symantec has been at the top of the security pyramid since many years. No wonder the Symantec EV SSL is also a cut above the competition, a feat that is all down to the bundle of features in this SSL. First, it is worth nothing that the certificate is powered by a combination of two encryption algorithms, RSA and DSA. The other cool feature is that you can install the certificate swift and seamlessly through the New Symantec SSL Assistant which automatically generates CSRs and installs the certificates.

geotrust ev ssl certificateGeoTrust True BusinessID EV

This is yet another one EV certificate with tons of benefits in the realm of protecting your website and boosting its performance. Comes with strong 256-bit encryption, 2048-bit root, this certificate assure users of secure protection. On top of that, GeoTrust True BusinessID EV SSL certificate is quite cost effective, provides unlimited reissuance and more than 99% browser compatibility. Last but not least, the certificate supports multiplicity i. e SAN/UC/ multi-domain are available.


Now you know why you should not hesitate to invest into a good EV SSL certificate for your business. Just pick among the four best EV SSL certificates and you can go for more advanced ev ssl certificate options like Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL and GeoTrust Multi-Domain EV SSL owing to their attractive features. They will both give users green bar assurance for multiple domains. Regardless of the option you pick, you should start protecting your site right away!


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