Free RapidSSL

RapidSSL CAClickSSL brings free RapidSSL, which is a domain validation certificate and comes with FREE 30 day’s trial period. After free trial, users will get a reminder for a certificate upgrade. Free RapidSSL Certificate will give you a proficient knowledge about SSL order, installation process, and CSR generation. Therefore, after experiencing a trial certificate you will have the complete knowledge of the SSL certificate. Free RapidSSL is much reliable than any self-signed certificate in terms of securing your business.

With this trial RapidSSL certificate, you will get the same security as offered by paid certificate. Therefore, you can experience a high standard certificate furnished with the latest encryption. Below are some features of our Free RapidSSL certificate.

  • No Cost: You do not need to pay a single penny for your RapidSSL; it is completely free for 30 days.
  • 99% browser compatibility: RapidSSL is an esteemed brand in SSL industry, also carry more than 99% browser compatibility rate, you do not need to worry about certificate compatibility, and hence there will be no security warnings on web browsers.
  • Equivalent protection: Get the same 256-bit encryption on your trial certificate as paid users get on their SSL certificate.
  • Fast issuance: It will take few minutes to get your trial SSL cert and you can install it immediately on your server.
  • Reminder: To get constant protection over the web, We send a reminder after the completion of a trial period.
  • 2048-bit RSA key: Our Trial SSL is equipped with latest 2048-bit RSA key that provides robust encryption to online transactions.

Steps to get Your Free SSL:

  • Create your CSR (Certificate Signing Request) – according to your server type that is given in our Generate CSR page.
  • Now Sign up for your FREE trial RapidSSL Certificate, the whole process is automated and authenticated. You will get your SSL in a few minutes.
  • Get your Certificate and install it on your server.

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