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Single Domain SSL Certificates

Secure a single website with strong 256-bit encryption to protect data and improve Google rankings. Buy our single domain SSL certificates at the cheapest prices.


Multi Domain SSL Certificates

Enable industry-standard encryption across your all different websites using a single multi-domain (SAN) SSL certificate to reduce administrative hassle.


Wildcard SSL Certificates

Secure your primary website and its unlimited sub-domains including the mail server by requesting a one wildcard SSL certificate with an asterisk (*


Code Signing Certificates

Get a digital signature to your software and application code with our code signing certificates to make it more legit. It will help you to increase downloads.


EV SSL Certificates

EV SSL certificates bring the highest level of protection to a site, prove business reliability and enhance trust by displaying “Company Name” under secure padlock icon.


Benefits of SSL/TSL Certificate

Purchase SSL certificate that offers strong encryption, data integrity and authentication.
Bring easy certificate management to your fingertips and robust encryption at a discounted price.
Increase Customer Trust

Increase Customer Trust

SSL certificate from ClickSSL builds customer trust and loyalty. Customers, without any worry, can browse the website as their online information will remain protected on the website. It increases customers’ trust in your website.
Say No to Insecure Warning

Say ‘No’ to Insecure Warning

Google and browsers are also cautious about insecure websites and show a warning on your website without an SSL certificate. But with an SSL certificate, your visitors will never face a warning but get a smooth browsing experience.
Protect Customer Data

Protect Customer Data

256-bit encryption brings strong security to your customers’ data. Moreover, 2048-bit key encryption makes the certificate stronger. Due to robust encryption, a third party cannot intercept the data passing between the server and the browser.
SSL Site Seal

SSL Site Seal

All SSL certificates from ClickSSL come with an SSL site seal. A security badge that assures customers of the website’s reliability. A site seal ensures that the certificate authority has verified the domain or business existence.
SEO Rank Boost

SEO Rank Boost

After Google’s announcement about HTTPS Everywhere, it is beneficial to have an SSL certificate for better search ranking. SSL certificate improves the visibility of your website. A higher-ranked website can increase the sales conversion ratio soon.
Browser Ubiquity

Browser Ubiquity

Our SSL certificates are compatible with major browsers, operating systems, and servers. Your customers will not find any SSL warnings/insecure warnings once you install the SSL certificate on the website. It will make customers’ browsing experience better.

Google Love Security

SSL makes your business secure and encourages your website visitors
to get your products or services with confidence.

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SSL Reseller & Partner Program

ClickSSL has brought an innovative and profitable reseller program for IT businesses and entrepreneurs who are eager to start their own SSL business or expand their current product range by adding SSL certificates. Take the advantage of full-featured API and cPanel along with a free web store that allows selling SSL with your own brand by setting up your own profit margin. Do peaceful business with us without worrying about deadlines and unimaginable targets.

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