Domain Validation SSL Certificates

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Benefits of using the Domain Validation SSL Certificate include quick issuance to your site. An SSL certificate of this type would be very affordable for your business and the Domain Validation SSL gives the site 2048-bit root certificate security and the highest level of protection for your online businesses, making customers more likely to trust your site for their online shopping.

RapidSSL $ 40.67 / yr.
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Issuance: 10 Minutes
Validation: Domain
Thawte $ 123.00 / yr.
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Issuance: 10 Minutes
Validation: Domain/email
GeoTrust $ 124.00 / yr.
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Issuance: 10 Minutes
Validation: Domain

Validates Your Domain Authentication

Domain Validation SSL Certificates verify only the domain name registrant to your domain. This process includes verification from the WHOIS database and once verified, the DV SSL certificate is issued and can be installed electronically after issuance. The vetting process is established and accepted to verify the domain owner, thus providing more confidence to the consumer that the Domain owner is real and not a potential identify fraud site waiting to happen.

This certificate does not provide validity to the organization, only the registrant will be protected. If you want to validate your organization as well then we recommend to choose business validation certificate.

Key Features in Domain Validation SSL includes:
  1. Best Encryption – Highest Encryption with a combination of 2048-bit and 256 bit protection which encrypts data into code that is foolproof. Hackers and ID thieves can’t get their hands on consumer information.
  2. Instant IssuanceInstant Issuance means this Domain SSL usually is issued in minutes after completion of validation process, protecting your site immediately.
  3. Easy Installation – As soon as the certificate is issued, it will be installed easily through hassle free process so that your site is protected immediately.
  4. Improved Data Security – Data code will be encrypted into a virtually impossible code for ID thieves and hackers to penetrate, protecting your customer’s vital information.