Multi Domain SSL certificate is usually identified as SAN SSL, where SAN (Subject Alternative Name) field allows you to add more hostnames to protect your multiple websites with a single certificate. Few SAN SSL certificates are included in the base price. Still, you can add new domains at any time under the SAN field during the certificate lifespan by paying an additional SAN license cost.

Cheap Multi Domain SAN SSL Certificates

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Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL (UCC) GeoTrust Multi-Domain EV SSL
Our Cheapest Price $30.00/yr. $90.00/yr. $115.00/yr. $239.29/yr. $330.37/yr.
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CA Price $158.40/yr. $383.04/yr. $863.04/yr. $344.64/yr. $479.04/yr.
Secure Multiple Domains Multiple Domains & Its All Subdomains Multiple Domains Multiple Domains Multiple Domains
Validation Type Domain Domain Extended Organization Extended
Issuance Time 10 Minutes 10 Minutes 3-7 Days 1-3 Days 3-7 Days
SSL Encryption 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit
Key Encryption 2048 bits 2048 bits 2048 bits 2048 bits 2048 bits
Server Licenses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Google Rankings Boost Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
WebTrust Seal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reissue Policy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
EV Support No No Yes No Yes
Green Address Bar No No Yes No Yes
Wildcard Support No Yes No No No
SAN / UCC Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Browser Support 99% 99% 99% 99% 99%
OS Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smartphone Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty By CA USD $10,000 USD $10,000 USD $1,750,000 USD $1,250,000 USD $1,500,000
Refund Policy 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Free Reissuance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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What Makes Multi Domain SSL Certificate Awesome?

enterprise-class services & features that makes SAN SSL certificate amazing.

Single Protection for Your All Websites

Multi-Domain SSL will cover your multiple websites and set up unbreakable industry-standard 256-bit encryption over all your sites. SAN SSL certificate can be ideal when you are hunting for a single security solution to your multiple projects (i.e., –,,, etc.)

Unlimited Server Licenses

Our SAN SSL certificates are featured with multiple server licenses, so you do not need to worry if your websites are hosted on different servers and don’t need to pay out a single penny for additional server licenses.

Save Time and Money

Buy separate SSL certificates for each site and manage it individually is an expensive and inflexible solution. SAN certificates will organize the best security for your multiple websites. So, be relaxed and manage multiple sites security under a single dashboard by purchasing SAN SSL.

Huge Discount on Leading Brands

As a platinum partner of leading CAs, we are offering Multi-Domain SSL certificates at the cheapest price, where cheap in the manner of price not in the quality of the certificate as well your certificate will be issued by the certificate authority. It means you will get the same security; the same featured SAN SSL at the lowest price.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate FAQs

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