DigiCert SSL certificates are for those organizations and individuals who understand the quality and legitimate authentication process. The authority offers rapid validation, robust encryption, ideal certificate management as well DigiCert secure seal. All these qualities make DigiCert the most excellent certificate authority in the SSL industry as well the authority deals with x.509 certificate format that is compatible with industry standards. DigiCert deals with many types of SSL certificates that fit the industry’s requirements. Adding DigiCert makes the site secure and legitimate upon which visitors can put complete trust.

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DigiCert Secure Site SSL

DigiCert Secure Site SSL certificate is an SHA-2 enabled that securely binds online information. An organization validation brings higher conversion rates as customers can ensure that they are on a legitimate website verified by a reputed certificate authority.


DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL

DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL certificate authenticates your business by validating business registration and shows visitors that the site is much more authenticated, and they can do online transactions without any worry. The certificate carries the highest browser compatibility with desktop and mobile platforms.


DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL

DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL certificate is having the dual advantage of the highest validation and strong encryption. All transactions will be secured with 2048-bit CSR encryption and 256-bit encryption. Moreover, you can add extra domains in the certificate.


DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV SSL

DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV SSL certificate carries extended validation that can secure www and non-www domains. Due to the highest authentication, there are chances of boosting sales volume and visitors. The certificate is ideal for the healthcare, financial and banking sectors.


DigiCert Code Signing Certificate

DigiCert Code Signing Certificate helps publishers and developers to authenticate the code of software, drivers, or applications. A unique digital signature ensures code integrity and assures users that the code is not altered since it is signed.


DigiCert SSL Certificates Features and Benefits

enterprise-class services & features that makes DigiCert certificates amazing.

Complete SSL/TLS Solutions

DigiCert understands the different needs of website security and site structure; hence, the certificate authority offers ranging from domain validation to extended validation as well as code signing certificate. The diversification in products attracts each type of industry and individuals to secure their websites securely. Whether you are a small business or a large business, you will find your online security solution at DigiCert at an affordable price.

Daily Malware Scanning

DigiCert malware scanning performs on a daily base to scan the desired number of pages of your website. The scan also analysis the code of a webpage to identify the hidden malicious code that can be activated when a site is running. Daily malware scanning finds common exploits and looks for vulnerabilities. Hackers always try to spread the virus and steal confidential data, and DigiCert malware scanning successfully stops such activities and keeps the site safe.

Strongest Encryption in the Industry

DigiCert SSL certificates are equipped with modern encryption whether it is 256-bit or SHA-2 algorithm or 2048-bit CSR encryption, every online transaction will be secured with this security standard. The CA/Browser forum recommends these current security standards. The strong encryption keeps hackers away from ongoing information and MiTM attacks and data sniffing activities will be avoided.

Warranty by DigiCert

DigiCert offers a relying party warranty which is set to cause damage that happens due to certificate-related failure. DigiCert understands the significance of the issuance process and does not let in any mistakes, which could damage its reputation. DigiCert PKI, validation and issuance process put customers’ security on the priority base and always tries to offer a great experience to customers.

DigiCert Secure Seal

DigiCert offers a dynamic site seal that can increase the trust level of visitors when they observe that the site is authenticated by one of the reputed certificate authorities. This DigiCert site seal helps convert visitors into satisfied customers. It is seen as the highest time on the internet compared to other site seals. This site seal instantly boosts the confidence of visitors and reduces cart abandonment.

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