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RapidSSL® is a time-honored SSL certification authority (CA) occupied by GeoTrust. Among the widely held RapidSSL products are RapidSSL Certificate and RapidSSL Wildcard certificate; each affording its users the gold standard in internet security. In addition, RapidSSL certificates are the cost-effective choice that also offer swift delivery and easy installation.

RapidSSL $ 00.00
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$ 00.00
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Issuance: 10 Minutes
Validation: Domain
RapidSSL $ 40.67 / yr.
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$ 12.95 / yr.
Save 68.16 %
Issuance: 10 Minutes
Validation: Domain
RapidSSL $ 166.00 / yr.
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$ 113.00 / yr.
Save 31.93 %
Issuance: 10 Minutes
Validation: Domain

Unlike some of our competitors, ClickSSL does not “pocket the difference”. We’re more interested in forming long-standing and trusting relationships with our loyal customers. Rest assured that the products you purchase from ClickSSL are of the same high-quality as those you would purchase directly from the vendor. The only difference is ClickSSL offers a huge discount. Doing business with us saves you money!


Why should I choose RapidSSL from ClickSSL?

When you purchase RapidSSL Certificates from ClickSSL, you know you are getting high-quality SSL protection at the most affordable price. As a partner and an authorized reseller of RapidSSL Certificates, ClickSSL has established a strong relationship with RapidSSL. That, coupled with our history of high-volume purchase, enables us to offer their state-of-the-art products at deeply discounted prices. Rather than taking advantage of the profit margin like some of our competitors might do, ClickSSL passes the savings along to you—our valued customers. Expand Expand

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supportBoth RapidSSL and ClickSSL provides support for RapidSSL certificate’s new purchase and renewal, still we recommend you directly contact ClickSSL Support team for any question or help.


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