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Does Wildcard SSL Certificate Secure Multi Level Sub Domains?

SSL certificate being a rising security parameter among organizations, individuals for their website security, secures online transactions with strong encryption. In the world of cybercrime, everyday many sites become victim of phishing attacks, data sniffing, man-in the middle attack. SSL certifica
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ClickSSL Monthly InfoSec Snipper June 26, 2017

Trojans Are Still Dominating Financial World, Says ISTR According to Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), Trojans are still dominating financial world and carries equal importance to ransomware. However, these financial threats are getting less attention compare to ransomware but if we look at r
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SSL Certificates Make Mobile Applications More Trustworthy

Mobile applications have saturated society, and the average user today doesn’t think twice about whether or not these apps are secure. They will gladly put in personal information, including bank account or credit card numbers, because they trust that the company behind the app has made this a saf
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How To Stay Safe Against The Man-in-the-middle Attack?

A Main In The Middle Attack (MITM) is a form of eavesdropping and is a cyber security issue where the hacker secretly intercepts and tampers information when data is exchanged between two parties. It is almost similar to eavesdropping where the the sender and the receiver of the message is unawar
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ClickSSL Monthly InfoSec Snipper May 29, 2017

Yahoo’s ImageMagick Library Found Leaking Users’ Email Content Yahoo’s ImageMagick library is found leaking users’ email content. Since then, Yahoo has stopped ImageMagick library. The researcher has showed two ways out of first is Yahoobleed1 in which either exploits the vulnerability in I
EV Multi Domain SSL Certificate

How EV Multi Domain SSL Increases Business Conversion, Saves Money And Time?

EV Multi Domain SSL Certificates let you make secure in all the browsers and servers. It allows up to 100 domains to get validated with this single SSL certificate. One of the biggest benefits of EV Multi Domain SSL certificate is that it increases website/business sales conversion by showcasing a b
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Identify Sources Of Malware – How To Handle?

Just as the name suggests, malware is malicious software, which can be injected into website by hackers and installed into your computer usually through online sources and even offline. Identifying the likely sources of such harmful software would help to protect the website. What Should Know Abou
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ClickSSL Monthly InfoSec Snipper April 24, 2017

Half Of British Firms Faced Single Security Breach In Last Year A study from the British government shows that around half of local businesses have faced single security breach last year. These breaches involved fraud emails sent to staff or related to viruses, malware and spyware. The survey was d