Organization Validation Certificates is highly recommend for ecommerce or service based portals who wants to establish secure online interactions and show business reliability. To buy Organization Validation SSL Certificate, you must have to provide evidence to confirm that your business is registered in your civil records and physically located. Read More

Prove your Business Authority

In Organization Validation Certificates, CAs has to execute more substantial validation process than domain validation certificates. Certificate issuer will check the certificate requester has authorized rights to domain as well organizational credentials and existence by confirming physical address.

Enable Org. Name in the Certificate Details

Once you purchase and install an Organization Validation Certificate on your website, browsers will enable usual security signs – HTTPS and padlock. Web users can easily identify your website authentication and business credibility by clicking on the padlock icon where they can see your website, organization name and issued by information in the certificate details, which proves trusted certificate authority has verified applicant’s and business identity.

Combination of Top Brands and Low Cost

ClickSSL provides top-level encryption with comparisons of different organization validation SSL certificates from Thawte, GeoTrust and Symantec. So you can easily buy the right certificate at a cheap price that meets your business needs.

Dynamic Secure Site Seal

With OV SSL certificates, you will get dynamic secure site seal to your website at free of cost. You can build more trust and encourage your customers to deal with you by displaying direct trust sign “secure site seal” on your web. When web users click on site seal, they will easily see the verified organization details.


Pick the right SSL at cheapest price

ProductsWarrantyValidationIssuanceOffer PriceCA Price
Thawte SSL WebServer$1,250,000Domain & Basic Organization3 Days$51.60/yr.$165.00/ now
GeoTrust True BusinessID$1,250,000Domain & Basic Organization3 Days$71.10/yr.$166.00/ now
GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL (UCC)$1,250,000Domain & Basic Organization1-3 days$224.70/yr.$299.33/ now
Symantec Secure Site$1,500,000Domain & Basic Organization3 Days$246.60/yr.$331.67/ now
Thawte Wildcard SSL$1,250,000Domain & Basic Organization1-3 days$274.50/yr.$524.50/ now
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard$1,250,000Domain & Basic Organization1-3 days$323.10/yr.$416.00/ now
Symantec Secure Site Pro$1,500,000Domain & Basic Organization3 Days$599.40/yr.$826.67/ now

Organization Validation

Organization Validation

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