Organization Validation Certificates

Save 65.25% Compared to Vendor Pricing

Organization Validation certificate is one of the most popular SSL certificate types for small and medium businesses. By clicking on Business Validation SSL certificate padlock, it will turn the browser address bar blue, while identifying the owner and company listed. Customers will have more trust in a website that they can identify with, and this organization validation builds more trust and confidence in potential customers.

Thawte $ 165.00 / yr.
Now Only $ 57.33 / yr.
Save 65.25 %
Issuance: 2 Days
Validation: Organization
GeoTrust $ 166.00 / yr.
Now Only
$ 79.00 / yr.
Save 52.41 %
Issuance: 2 Days
Validation: Organization
Symantec $ 331.67 / yr.
Now Only $ 274.00 / yr.
Save 17.39 %
Issuance: 3 Days
Validation: Organization
Symantec $ 826.67 / yr.
Now Only $ 666.00 / yr.
Save 19.44 %
Issuance: 3 Days
Validation: Organization

Prove The Business Existence & Boost Trust

All Organization Validation Certificate requires domain validation as well supplying organization documents for organization authentication. Organization validation is the manual process and commissioned by certificate authorities only. It takes around two to three business days accomplishing the whole validation process and then only the SSL would be issued after successful authentication.

Organization validation SSL Certificates are highly recommended for the online shopping cart websites having physically registered organization. All organization validation SSL supplies your real organization name and locality as well contact information in SSL properties. Organization validation SSL gains more customer trust than domain validation SSL, and helps you gathering more business compare to domain validation SSL installed on website.

ClickSSL provides top level encryption with comparisons of different organization validation SSL certificates from Thawte, GeoTrust and Symantec. You can choose your certificate by clicking on SSL Finder. Choices then can be made as to which one will suit your online business.