EV SSL certificate is an ideal solution for the banking sector, insurance companies, online retailers, government and educational institutes where users’ data security and trust are on top-priority. When you buy EV SSL certificate, CA will perform higher level organization vetting process with the aim of rightfully verify your business details and triggers your company name into green address bar that helps to increase customer trust in your store as well lessen phishing attacks. Read More

Boost Sells with Green

When users browse your site, the browser will activate your company name into a green socket that demonstrate your business has been passed through the stringent validation process and adopted higher-level security. As a result, you will experience gigantic hike on your online trades and minimize shopping cart abandonment.

Future Proof Business & Reduce Risks

EV refers Extended Validation, so when you order certificate, the CA must have to follow rigorous vetting process after that they will allow you to set up strongest encryption over the website that proves hackers or shoplifters could not interrupt the users’ data.

Manage Brand Reputation

As e-shop owners, we all know the important of brand reputation in the online market. EV SSL certificates sturdily inspect organization trustworthiness by confirming legalized documents and allocate your full company name, physical location and other information in the certificate details that users will easily trust your brand as legitimate business.

Secure Consumers from Phishing Sites

At the present time, phishing is the biggest challenge for enterprises and growingly leave their thumbprints in the race of online frauds. It is your responsibility what you have to do, to cure user’s sensitive information and web transaction. Get an EV SSL certificate is the finest way to tell your customer that you are real, by confirming green address bar they can effortlessly classify the phishing sites.

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We are the platinum partner of different leading certificate authorities and offering cheap EV SSL certificates to help ecommerce enterprises to secure their transaction and build an online business reputation. Our all EV SSL certificates are same as directly offered by global CAs.


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Comodo EV SSL $1,750,000 Domain & Extended Organization 3-5 days $127.50/yr. $359.00/yr. buy now
Thawte EV Web Server $1,500,000 Domain & Extended Organization 3-5 days $133.20/yr. $259.50/yr. buy now
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GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV $1,500,000 Domain & Extended Organization 3-5 days $157.05/yr. $261.50/yr. buy now
GeoTrust Multi-Domain EV SSL $1,500,000 Domain & Extended Organization 3-5 days $314.55/yr. $436.50/yr. buy now
Symantec Secure Site With EV $1,750,000 Domain & Extended Organization 3-5 days $584.10/yr. $895.00/yr. buy now
Symantec Secure Site Pro With EV $1,750,000 Domain & Extended Organization 3-7 days $899.10/yr. $1347.50/yr. buy now

Extended Validation

Extended Validation

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