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Have you ever think to move RapidSSL to GeoTrust? If you wish to make your clients more confident by providing them stronger encryption that comes with enhanced warranty protection and highest browser compatibility; ClickSSL recommend users to switch over to GeoTrust from RapidSSL by paying just 15 cent per day. It is better to go with GeoTrust by spending little monthly amount to provide better online security experience to your clients.

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What to look before Choosing SSL:

Before going to select the SSL product from the bunch of unlike products, sometimes, we often pass from dilemma especially at the time of buying SSL product. To make you sharp in this behalf, we below set an example that tells you about what to look in SSL products. We have selected two Certificate authorities named RapidSSL and GeoTrust for your consideration. In areas like increased warranty, recognized brand, mobile compatibility, GeoTrust stands on front position compare to RapidSSL. Hence, it is clear that it is better to prefer GeoTrust rather than RapidSSL.


RapidSSL CA GeoTrust CA
Recognized Brand: If we consider, RapidSSL is a leading CA issues standard SSL certificate, is ideally welcomed by hundreds of small and large enterprises believed accordingly the best online security for their online business. GeoTrust is a giant authority in SSL industry. GeoTrust being the world’s second largest digital certificate provider, running business in more than 150 countries served more than thousands of clients with its customer-tailored policy.
Product Category: Different Products define different choice of clients. SSL products are made to satisfy the client’s unlike needs. To this extend, RapidSSL fetches two products named RapidSSL Certificate and RapidSSL wildcard. On contrary, GeoTrust as we talk is a second leader has bunch of seven products ranging from QuickSSL premium, True BusinessID to website anti-malware scan provides varied option to choose the best out of the product set.
Increased Warranty: If there is no warranty, there is no SSL. Warranty applies where any breach or misissuance happens during online validation. Both products RapidSSL certificate carries $10K warranty amount and for RapidSSL wildcard certificate the amount is $5K. GeoTrust has diversified product yet the minimum warranty amount starts at $100K given on for instance QuickSSL Premium certificate, one of the finest product to secure instantly your domain.
More Browser Compatibility: Browsers compatibility plays the most vital part in SSL. RapidSSL has 99% desktop browser and server compatibility, also supports mobile browsers. GeoTrust certificates also carry 99% browser compatible rate including desktop, server, and mobile browsers.
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Encryption: Both RapidSSL and GeoTrust certificates carry 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit CSR encryption according to NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology).
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