GeoTrust Website Anti-Malware Scan

GeoTrust CAGet Observed, Discovered and Warned about Malware

GeoTrust website anti-malware scan helps business owners by scanning their website for malware, malicious code or any other malware related malicious activities. It sends instant alert to business owner whenever they find your website/web page infected with such malwares.

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It works on these 3 principles:

Monitoring, Identifying and Alert

Anti Malware Scan:

GeoTrust Website Anti Malware Scan

How It works?

  • Daily anti-malware scans of your website or web pages.
  • It includes analysis of your web pages and website for phishing codes, malwares, malicious codes or any other suspicious information.
  • When it finds such malicious code, it will send alert by identifying such codes on your website. That will help you to remove them quickly.
  • It also offer on-demand scan of the website.
  • GeoTrust will display new and extensively tested Trust Mark to gain customer confidence in your brand.
Benefits of Website Anti Malware Scan
  • It helps website owners to assure that the website is not infected by any malwares.
  • It helps in easy and quick resolution in-case if your website is infected by malware by identifying malware codes and its placement.
  • It shows trust mark of GeoTrust on your website. That can help your visitors to identify that the website they are visiting is safe. More business!!
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