Code Signing Certificates for Windows Phone

Code signing certificate increases the reliability and durability of your code. It not only assures users about the security of the code but also comprehends the reputation of the business. With a revolution in mobile applications, developers are also getting more and more concerned regarding the security of the source code.

Code signing certificates help Windows Phone application developers to secure their most precious treasure, the source code. It secures Microsoft App Hub service applications. App Hub is a platform where developers and software publishers come together to spread Windows Phone and Xbox 360 applications for download via Windows Marketplace.

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Code Signing

Code Signing Certificates

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Features & Benefits of Code Signing Certificate for Windows Phone

Eminent Features:

  • Assure the security of the windows 7.0 and other higher applications with digitally sign code.
  • Enrollment for the certificate is integrated within the App Hub registration procedure.
  • Comes as a free with the Microsoft App Hub registration.


  • Emerge as a qualified developer to deliver your Windows Phone and Xbox 360 applications to the world.
  • Win customers trust such that your applications are safer to download and eradicate the security warning messages up to a greater extent.
  • Secure your business reputation with a digital signature.