DigiCert Code Signing certificate is an ideal certificate for publishers and software developers who wish to authenticate their software so users can easily recognize its legitimacy. The digital signature applied to the code verifies the authenticity of the content and provides the software, drivers, or applications’ reliability. The certificate uses the modern algorithm that is 256-bit encryption suggested by the CA/B Forum.

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Certificate Authority DigiCert
Product Name DigiCert Code Signing Certificate
Product Price $396.61/yr.
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Secures Software & Applications
Great for Digital sign your code and content
SEO advantages Use SSL site-wide to get higher ranking in Google SERPs
Issuance 3 to 7 business days
Validation Organization Validation (OV)
Certificate Details Verified publisher identity
Supported Algorithm SHA-2 enabled
Certificate Encryption 256-bit certificate encryption and 2048-bit key length
Server License NO
SAN Support NO
Warranty USD $125,000 Warranty
Green Bar NO
Paperwork Company documents required
Browser Support 99.9% all desktop and mobile browsers
Refund 30 days full money back guarantee
Re-issue Unlimited during the certificate life-span
Site Seal NO
Seal-in-Search NO
Anti-Malware Scan NO
Vulnerability Assessment NO

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30 Days Full Refund Guarantee

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DigiCert Code Signing Certificate Features

Integrity of Code

DigiCert Code Signing Certificate assures that the code is not modified since it is signed, and software publishers can efficiently distribute it. A legitimate code lessens warning generally displaying while downloading compromised software. The certificate proves the legitimacy of the published content and increases the user’s trust level. DigiCert Code Signing certificate comprises a digital signature, timestamp, and the company’s name.

Eliminate Unknown Publisher Warning

Users frequently face ‘Unknown Publisher’ warning when they download compromised software or driver on their PC. It means that the software code is not verified by a known certificate authority. Whether it is Adobe AIR, Microsoft Office, or Java platform, all are compatible with this code signing certificate; hence, there are no chance of any software warning while downloading the software or application.

Desktop Code Signing Certificates

Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing
Microsoft Authenticode
DigiCert Code Signing certificate enables 32-bit and 64-bit types that signs .msi, .exe, .cab, .xap files and kernel software. The certificate is also compatible with Windows 2000 and higher version. It supports 256-bit encryption to sign the code digitally. It is also suited for Active-X controls and applications based on Silverlight-4. Read more…
JAVA Code Signing
Java Runtime Environment is compatible with this certificate and validates .jar files and Netscape objects. Each .Jar files will be encrypted with 256-bit encryption. Read more…
Microsoft Office and VBA Code Signing
Microsoft Office and VBA
DigiCert Code Signing certificate protects MS Office and Visual Basic application with a unique digital signature. It elevates user experience with unique signed code and assures users that the code is safe to download. A timestamp will not show a warning if the certificate is expired. Read more…
Adobe AIR Code Signing Certificate
Adobe AIR
To sign (.air and .airi) files, The code signing certificate is an ideal option as it is compatible with the Adobe AIR platform. It offers easy software downloading and error-free environment to users. Read more…

Mobile Code Signing Certificates

Windows Phone Code Signing
Windows Phone
The certificate is also made to secure the Windows Phone, Xbox 360 applications, the Microsoft App Hub. Developers can ensure users that their applications are safe to download and are error-free. It amplifies the user’s confidence. Read more…
Windows Phone Private Enterprise Code Signing
Windows Phone Private Enterprise
To distribute internal applications of Windows Phone Private Enterprise programs as well protects the code of Windows Phone programs. Moreover, the certificate is compatible with Chrome, Mozilla, IE 5.0+ browsers as well as Windows 2000 + versions. Read more…
Authenticate Document IDs for BREW
Authenticate Document IDs for BREW
Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW) applications are made for the CDMA platform for mobile phones. These mobile phones encourage 3rd party apps. Authentic Document IDs for BREW helps developers to work professionally and gives a chance to become an authenticate BREW developer as well as verifies the applications with a digital signature. Read more…

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