Avoid Blacklisting of Your Website

Malware scan on a regular basis helps you find and fix the malicious code on your site before the search engines to block traffic – a.k.a. “blacklisting.” The blacklisting of your website by search engines frequently happens before you still realize that you have malware infection. Once blacklisted, your website may experience a major loss of opportunity, and can be painful and lengthy process to get your site return. Symantec SSL certificates, with daily website malware scanning, will help you avoid the blacklist and ensure the availability of web sites for consumers.

Early Communication of Trust
To overcome the threat of changes in the Internet environment, build trust, and deliver the security to consumers as soon as possible, Symantec continues to bundling value-added trust functionality with SSL. Recent innovations begin with a scan of public-facing websites for malware. For the owner of SSL Certificates, Symantec performs a daily, non-invasive scan of ecommerce websites so that customers can be confident that there is usually monitoring for their security. Visual assurance takes form of DigiCert Secured Seal, which can be displayed notably on website’s home page and with search results.

Symantec Seal-in-Search™ functionality allows enabled browsers that are trusted by Symantec, and display the DigiCert Secured Seal next to links in search results.

This means online businesses enables to transmit a sense of consumer’s confidence prior to navigation to their site. It also helps links stand out and visually be a sign of that online business is a Symantec trusted site. The capability of an online business to achieve a customer with optimistic trust message so early in their process provides precious differentiation from competitors that do not use Symantec SSL Certificates.

When combine with the use of the DigiCert Secured Seal on the website home page, Seal-in-Search gives online businesses a authoritative way to communicate to customers that it is all right to conduct transactions and trust that their private information will stay secure. This is another example of Symantec continuing to develop the value proposal of its SSL-based solutions to gather the requirements of online businesses and customers.


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