ClickSSL Monthly InfoSec Snipper July 27, 2017

Bank Of America Customers Faced Phishing Attack

Hackers aimed Bank of America clients/customers via phishing attack and hackers use traditional phishing attack asking for details to lifting up limits of customers’ personal accounts. It was suspected but it is not clear that hackers belonged to Russia. When customers click the given link in the email, it redirects to another website that was asking for IDs and passwords and the site was hosted on a Russian server.

Sophisticated Malware Ratio Is Increasing, Says AV-TEST Report

AV-TEST Security Report 2016/2017 discovered that the number of malware decreased in 2016 but the ratio of sophisticated malware increased. NotPetya, Mirai, banking Trojans are few examples of this kind of attacks. AV-TEST counted 127.5 M malware samples against 144 million in 2015 year. The report revealed that Mac OS malware increased from the last year and the most of malware were Trojan. The growth of Mac OS malware recorded 370% growth. The Android malware samples also doubled in 2016 year.

WP Statistics – A WordPress Plugin Found Vulnerable

Sucuri has disclosed SQL vulnerability in WordPress plugin named WP Statistics. The plugin is installed over 300,000 websites. The vulnerability allows hacker to have subscriber account and can access database content and remotely handle website. The plugin allows admin of website to collect details of online users, number of visits and visitors as well page statistics. The vulnerability can be fixed by plugin version 12.0.8 so users should update to the latest version of this plugin.

Rise of OSX.Cointbitminer And Ransom.Petya In Hacker World, Says Symantec Intelligence

Symantec has shown some key takeaways in its June Intelligence report that includes rise in spam and phishing, Trojans mining bitcoins and decline trend of RIG exploit kit activity. OSX.Coinbitminer – a Trojan related to Mac exploited bitcoins and it was increased by 19.2% in category of Mac threat. Another was Ransom.Petya – a ransomware that asking for $300 in bitcoins to recover encrypted files. The worldwide spam rate reached to 54.3% of allover emails. However, the blocked malware attacks were reduced during June month.

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Ukraine Asked For NATO Support After Petya Attack

Ukraine recently faced cyber-attack and wants now support of NATO to boost Ukraine Cyber defenses. After Petya attack, experts in Ukraine believe that last attack dubbed NotPetya attack will target Ukraine infrastructure and there is Russian linked groups are involved in this attack. NATO is agreed to provide support to Ukraine with necessary equipment and CSIRT type technical capabilities that will include laboratories for investigation of cyber security incident. Since June 2016, eight countries have contributed € 965,000 amount.

The USA Government Banned On Kaspersky Lab

The United States of America has decided to ban Kaspersky Lab; as well, the federal agencies will not buy software from Kaspersky. They believe that there are possibilities that the company is tied with local intelligence service of Russia. However, Kaspersky denied this blame, wrote on its website that the company has not connection with any government and only work to fight against cybercrime. Bloomberg revealed about internal company emails that show connection between Russian Intelligence and Kaspersky.

Trump Hotels Witnessed Cyber Attack

Hackers exploited the system of Trump Hotel properties and attacked on 14 hotels between August 10, 2016 and March 9, 2017. Hackers however managed to steal sensitive data of guests. The hotel authority revealed that hackers exploited Sabre Hospitality Solutions and not the hotel systems. The details of credit card like name, payment card number, expiry date and card security code were grabbed during attack. The hotel authority assured that passport, driver’s license and social security details are safe.

Verizon Customers’ Database Was Left Open On AWS Server

Verizon is again in news regarding exposed of 14 million databases via third party firm. This truth revealed by security expert and UpGuard director at Cyber Risk Research who assured that the third party vendor called NICE has made personal data open on AWS server, which was insecure. NICS offers solutions like telephone voice recordings, data security and surveillance system to intelligence agencies. The third party firm gathers data across Europe and Africa. The data exposed included names, phone numbers, Account PINs.

Avanti Markets – US Payment Kiosk Vendor Had Data Breach

US Payment Kiosk Vendor named Avanti Markets suffered data breach as a malware infected the system and had stolen customers’ data like name, email address, credit card accounts and biometric data. The attack happened on July 4, 2017, with a sophisticated malware attack on kiosks at Avanti Markets and gained unauthorized access. Some of kiosks were remained safe while others badly affected. Biometric data was used by the company to make fast payments. The company informed law enforcement and started internal investigation. The company also changed passwords, cleaned machines, and blocked payment processing.


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