ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper December 5, 2016

Carleton University has been breached

Carleton University has been breached with ransomware attack and now attackers are demanding 39 bitcoins. The authoritative person of the university advised students to avoid Wi-Fi network and shut their computers off until the malware is not removed. However, the university has created already backup on regular base that helped it to restore the data. Moreover, the university has admitted that no personal information has been stolen as attackers only deploy malware and damage file in order to demand ransom amount.

Gooligan malware infected 1 Million Google Accounts

Security experts at Check Point have discovered an android malware that has infected 1 million Google accounts and approximately 74% of android phone. The malware dubbed as Gooligan is injected into 86 android apps that are hosted on third party marketplace. Once an app is installed, it can root the phone to get full access. It then starts to deploy malicious software that can be used to steal authentication tokens for Google accounts.

Hackers accessed Kuwait Parliament’ website

Hackers have successfully compromised website of Kuwait’s parliament only before few hours of beginning of an election. The hacking was done because attackers believed that a parliament member is an undercover Iranian and Syrian spy. Hackers also posted message against Iran agent named Abdul Hamid Dashti. Hackers have also requested MPs to grant non-Kuwait people citizenship in the country. Almost 110000 people currently have no Kuwait citizenship.

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UK National Lottery hacked and 26K accounts accessed

UK National Lottery hacked and around 26500 accounts were accessed. The authority has admitted that lottery had not been affected but only registered users’ accounts were accessed. Users are requested to change their passwords soon. Out of 26500 accounts, almost 50% of accounts were modified, including change in personal details. However, these accounts were suspended. No money was withdrawn or deposited in these affected accounts.

Uber app can still access location after dropped off

Uber App can access location of the customer even if he/she has been dropped off the taxi but the application is running in background of the device. Uber app can track passenger up to 5 minutes after leaving Uber taxi. The new feature enables taxi driver and customers to locate each other. However, customers have option to share location by selecting “Always” or “Never” in app option. If a customer select “Never” option, he has to set pick-up and drop-off location while selecting ride.


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